Is March’s Mercury retrograde going to be the worst EVER?

MercuryI have seen so much panic stirring about March’s Mercury retrograde and honestly? It makes me sad.

Why? Because I don’t think astrology should scare anyone. It shouldn’t make us dread the future, or worry that everything we love will start to fall apart.

But that’s the kind of fear I hear from people sometimes, and it’s what I notice in a lot of online conversations.

That’s not the kind of astrology I practice, or the path I want to walk.

It’s not to say that we shouldn’t be realistic about the tough stuff. Life is never entirely easy for anyone, and we can’t heal anything when we aren’t willing to look at what hurts. 

But I don’t find it productive for a practice like astrology to breed fear. There’s enough of that already coming from the world’s politics, corporate cultures, and religious dogmas.

Astrology shouldn’t contribute to the dread that people already live with on a regular basis.

Yes, I believe in the rule of “as above, so below,” and sometimes when the planets are in challenging positions, we may end up feeling challenged. But a tricky astrological transit isn’t a black and white issue: Some people thrive in challenging periods because it allows them to grow, change, and find new direction.

We can’t assume that everyone will the same experiences during Mercury retrograde or other astrological event.

With billions of people in the world, we have to be realistic in the infinite number of potential outcomes and experiences we can each have on any given day.

Right now, Mercury is in its detriment in Pisces, the sign it will stay in until April. Yes, Pisces can lead to confusion, deception, and disillusion. But let’s also remember that Pisces is spiritual, compassionate, creative, and non-linear. 

It challenges Mercury’s logical, rational ways and asks it to find intuitive, inspired solutions. It asks Mercury to think from the heart more than from the head and teaches us to surrender to the divine.

So if you’re worried about this upcoming Mercury retrograde, remember that it can offer tremendous potential for healing and new understandings between each other and the spiritual realms.

Mercury retrograde periods also bring second chances. In Pisces, we can have the opportunity to heal an old wound or take back an old grudge. We can revisit a neglected spiritual practice, or revive a creative project that has been sitting on the sidelines.

I’ll be talking more about Mercury retrograde in Pisces in upcoming newsletters, but wanted to get a word in now to counteract some of the panic I’ve seen these past few days.

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Until next time,

Liz xo

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