Is this Saturday’s New Moon pushing you towards change?

Nine of SwordsGemini is one of the most social, communicative signs of the zodiac.

And so at first I was a bit surprised to see the Nine of Swords show up for this week’s forecast. This is a card of worry and anxiety, or intense internalization and hidden fears.

But at the same time, those are just the kinds of things Gemini’s energy can be so good at figuring out. This is an intellectual, rational sign. It loves to come up with answers, and understand how and why a situation came to be.

Being the sign of the twins, Gemini is also about friendship, teamwork, and collaboration. “Two heads are better than one” would be a Gemini motto.

If the presence of the Nine of Swords is resonating with you this week – you’re excessively worried, something’s keeping you up at night, or your mind is working overtime on something that you’re keeping to yourself – this New Moon can bring the opportunity you need to find advice, insight, or even just a listening ear.

And because Gemini is all about thinking things through, you can also find that your own insights bring the clarity you’re waiting for.

And if things are going just fine in your world, this New Moon is a time to start off a new cycle in your social world. Summer is just around the corner (here in Toronto, the weather sure feels like summer’s already arrived) and this New Moon can be a great time to extend your social network, reach out to a new friend, or make a plan with some old pals to do something new together.

You could also find that you’re the one who’s put into a position of helping someone find their way out of a deep-seated fear.

Because Gemini is such an intellectual sign, it’s also a great lunar cycle to commit to learning something new, or doing some writing. Maybe you’ve always wanted to write a script, or you have some half-finished poems that are waiting for your attention.

This would be a great Moon to work with for that. The seeds you plant this Saturday, June 4, will take root throughout the coming Moon cycle and beyond.

Even if you’re not feeling worried about anything in particular right now, the Nine of Swords could signal unnecessary stress around whatever you choose to undertake during this Moon.

So whatever it is you’re working towards right now, or feel it’s time to start on, be careful that any fears coming up around it aren’t getting the best of you. The Nine of Swords often speaks of worries that are unfounded; this is a card of nightmares and worst-case scenarios that are not grounded in reality, but that can almost act like self-fulfilling prophecies you feed into their power.

So if you’ve been running through a list of, “What ifs?” lately, check in to see if you aren’t burning up a lot of energy and attention around a situation that is much more manageable than you realize, or that might not come to pass at all.

That pressure can also come in through Gemini’s dual nature; there can be a push and pull with this sign, especially if you are opting to make more time for friends or creative projects. You might struggle to reconcile the balance you need between pursuing your passions and upholding your responsibilities.

But remember: Gemini’s power is all in the mind, and if ever there was a time to figure out the tough stuff, this is it.

Here’s a mantra that you can work with throughout the week:

I am ready to take control over what I am most afraid of.

And if you find yourself feeling truly stuck in a rut, or you’re curious about how things are going to play out for you in the months to come, book a tarot reading or creative coaching session to gain the clarity you need.

Have your own deck of tarot cards? Here’s a simple tarot spread you can use to connect with this week’s New Moon in Gemini:

1. How can I best express myself during this New Moon?
2. What fear is it time to face?
3. What step can I take to strengthen my social circle?
4. How can I balance my passions with my obligations?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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