It’s the last Mercury retrograde of 2019. Here’s what I want you to do.

Mercury went retrograde last Thursday, October 31 in the sign of Scorpio, where it will continue to backtrack until Wednesday, November 20.

This year’s Mercury retrograde periods have all taken us through the watery depths of the zodiac. First it was Pisces, then Cancer, and finally Scorpio this fall. These periods have been ripe for intuitive development, self-reflection, and heart-centered decision making.

Take a moment to reflect on the kind year 2019 has been for you, as well as what you’re noticing in the world around you.

Maybe you’ve taken a big leap of faith this year.

Maybe you’ve started to make changes in the way you think or make decisions, especially if you tend to ignore your heart and listen exclusively to your head.

Maybe you’ve reconnected to your spiritual self, or awakened to a spiritual side you didn’t know you had.

This year has been a strange ride in many ways, but I think for many of us it will also be one that we later look back on and see as a major turning point in many ways, too.

Mercury retrogrades always get attention when they happen. We start blaming all kinds of things on them: travel delays, busted computers, lost emails. But what’s important to remember is that all astrological events, including Mercury retrogrades, are part of larger cycles and stories.

They are not stops-and-starts along the path, and are not meant to be looked at as isolated incidents. They are part of the seasons of your life, and part of the fabric of the collective and universal energies we all experience together.

There may be things that have happened to you this year that were painful and confusing. When Mercury travels through the element of water, things get distorted. People aren’t always thinking as clearly, or presenting themselves as honestly as they could be.  

Misunderstandings arise because it’s hard to hear when your head is under water, which is what is happening to us right now. Mercury rules the mind, and it’s swimming in the ocean right now.

These are the times when you really start to see that not everyone thinks like you do. Or feels like you do. Or wants what you do.

And that can lead to personal transformation that comes in many forms.

In the Two of Pentacles pictured above, we see a person in motion, putting one foot in front of the other.

It is a reminder that life is always in motion, that every day brings an opportunity to take another step forward. During Mercury retrograde, those steps might sometimes feel slower, or like big detours. You might zigzag, or hop from side to side, wondering, “when will the road even out again?”

Relationships, plans, dreams and aspirations don’t change because astrology made it so. They change because they all have seasons of their own, and no season lasts forever.

So I want you to think about Mercury retrograde as being part of a bigger story that you are living through. I also want you to think about any changes you are going through and how they fit within the seasons of your own life.

Ask yourself: “What part of the plot is unfolding for me now?”

Until next time,

Liz xo

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