It’s time to uncover your brilliance: Your tarot forecast for the week of March 14, 2016

knight-of-swordsHow did last week go for you? Did you feel affected by Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse? I’ve so loved the stories that some of you have shared with me in regards to how you chose to recognize that eclipse.

This week’s tarot forecast comes through the Knight of Swords. As you can see, this card is all about movement – this Knight is rushing ahead with purpose and determination.

Is he riding towards the first day of spring? I like to think so! The message that this card brings can absolutely be connected to the signs of spring. We are entering into a season of firsts: The first buds we spot on a tree, the first robin, the first flower poking up through the soil.

The Knight of Swords encourages you to move ahead this week with the same enthusiasm that spring encompasses. This card is about all about clear intentions and an eagerness to make them a reality.

Don’t hide your brilliance. Pay attention to any area in your life that you have been hesitating in some way. Is there something you really want to make happen, but have been reluctant to make it so?

The Knight of Swords brings confidence and self-assurance, encouraging you to share your ideas, speak your mind, or put something into action.

We all have something that needs to be shared, and with spring right around the corner, the time to do it is now.

The Knight of Swords is working in tandem with the current energy of the Moon, which is in the waxing phase, meaning that now is an ideal time for new beginnings.

Whatever you’re ready for it, the path is clear. It’s time to move ahead. The Knight of Swords encourages you to go for it.

Here’s a mantra to help you stay connected to this week’s energy:

My brilliance is meant to be uncovered. As I allow it to shine, I allow my path to unfold.

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