Jupiter and the power of your potential

Empress Cosmic TarotSometimes we are wishing and wanting and working for something. We get clear in our intentions, commit, hustle and wait for a sign of manifestation.

Yet there can be times when it seems like absolutely nothing is happening. Weeks or even months can go by without a single indication as to whether things will work out.

But just because you can’t always see immediate results doesn’t mean that the magic you are weaving isn’t working.

And that magic doesn’t always have to be put out into the universe in the form of a spell or prayer or ritual. No, our magic comes from what we do in the everyday.

Like the tarot’s Empress who knows how to care for her land so that it remains lush, magic comes from the seeds we choose to plant and nurture on a regular basis.

We don’t always know how or when our efforts will pay off. Or where a plan or process may lead to. A leap of faith is called such for a reason – it can’t promise us a specific outcome. There is no certainty, only wild trust that our best intentions will take us somewhere.

If you’ve been feeling like you’re spinning your wheels and you’re not seeing the results of your efforts this summer, remember that Jupiter has been retrograde since April 10. He goes direct this Sunday, August 11 at 9:37am EST.

Since the spring, Jupiter has been collecting our hopes and dreams to store in its cargo hold. Now it’s getting ready to carry them off as it continues to move through Sagittarius, helping to support our expansion in this world.

Whatever you’ve been working on within your personal magic since April may now begin to bear fruit as we head into August and beyond.

You may not always see the influence that your own hands have in the day-to-day, but if you watch closely from now until late November, you’ll get a glimpse of what your magic is capable of.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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