Jupiter in Scorpio: The planet of expansion moves into the underworld this week

temperanceThis week’s forecast looks at Jupiter’s move from Libra into Scorpio. Things are going to get deep, especially once the Sun moves into Scorpio, too. To help you connect to the energies of this Jupiter transit and the upcoming Scorpio season, I’m starting my October readings sale early. This year, I’m offering something called the Awakenings package that provides you with personal readings and rituals. Learn more about it here.

This Tuesday, October 10, Jupiter moves into the sign of Scorpio.

For the past year, Jupiter – the planet of luck, opportunity, and expansion – has been in the sign of Libra. Libra is friendly, people-pleasing. Even though we are living through turbulent, unpredictable times, Jupiter in Libra has helped to bring necessary conversations into the fold.

Many people are starting to listen more. Despite ongoing political and social divisiveness, there have been solid displays of unity and support. A lot of us are trying to stay informed. A lot of us are taking action. A lot of us are asking, “What can be done? Can I do?”

On an individual level, Jupiter in Libra has also supported many personal relationships and opportunities. Libra is a sign of partnership, and with Jupiter expanding everything it touches, this past year has been a time where many have chosen to focus on forging deeper friendships, growing their social circles, and creating new opportunities for themselves and others through collaboration, networking, and sharing of ideas.

So what kind of shift does Jupiter in Scorpio bring? Where Libra is social and outwardly directed, Scorpio brings our focus back into ourselves.

Scorpio is the underworld, the subconscious. It is intuition and psychic energy. It is also the power that we discover once we open to our inner worlds.

And what might those inner worlds hold? Scorpio is about death and rebirth. While it is most commonly associated with the symbol of the scorpion, it is also connected to the symbol of the phoenix – a mythological creature that dies in fire and rises up from the ashes once again.

Scorpio reminds us of the cycles we constantly live through: That to invite something new in our lives, we first must create space for it. That everything ends, but there is always a time to rise again afterwards.

Because Scorpio is unafraid of the soul’s depths, it is also the sign that helps us build bridges to the spirit world and our ancestral energies.

Do you ever wonder what kind of stories you carry in your body from the people who came before you? Do you ever think of who had to come into existence first so that you could be here now?

Not all of us know our ancestry. Not all of us know where we came from, or whom we came from. But that doesn’t mean there is no history within our bones.  

If Jupiter expands everything it touches, it will be opening up all-things Scorpio from October 10, 2017 to November 8, 2018.

If you have wanted to begin to work with your intuition, to take a tarot class (or create a tarot deck), attend a ritual or spiritual ceremony, to learn more about channeling or mediumship, to do more to honour the spirits of your ancestors or your spirit guides, Jupiter is going to help open the way.

Scorpio, too, is about power, sexuality, and the hidden forces within. This next year can be a time when unexpected revelations surface. Some people can have necessary revelations about how their own power has been blocked. Healing around sexual trauma and relationships to the body can also become major themes, though these pathways may not always be easy.

Jupiter expands, but what it expands – and whether it feels good or not – is going to be highly individual. Scorpio can stir up a lot of shadow work, meaning the aspects of ourselves or our past experiences that we have been trying to ignore. Eventually, something shines a light on those shadows, and if there is nowhere left to hide them, then something must be faced head-on.

There may be some hard emotional work ahead with Jupiter in Scorpio, but remember that Scorpio gets deep in order to help you rise again.

The card I pulled for Jupiter in Scorpio is Temperance, which I think speaks perfectly to the dichotomy of this transit. Here we see a woman with a cup in each hand. They are equal – night and day, light and dark – but there is nothing to indicate that they will stay that way.

In traditional tarot decks (this one here is the newer Starchild Tarot), Temperance is often shown in motion, where water is being poured from one cup to the other. There is a mixing of energies taking place, a message that says, “You can’t have one without the other.”

And this is what Jupiter in Scorpio can teach us in the coming year: That the divisions between the spirit world are not as concrete as we might think.

That our secrets may actually be sources of power, or at least places of healing. That our intuition is not something that is distant and out of reach, but a power that has been right there all along.

That it’s time to let the light and dark merge, that it’s time to see there can be space to honour both.

If it helps, here’s a mantra for you to work with for Jupiter in Scorpio:

I open to my past. I open to my present. I open to myself.
Until next time,

Liz xo

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