Jupiter retrograde, a Full Moon, and a lunar eclipse all in one week? Yup! And it will be great.

Welcome to a new week.

Before we get into our forecast, I just want to acknowledge the heaviness that’s happening in the world these days. Remember to take care of yourself, and others. I’m working on some things behind the scenes that might help in some small way, and I will share them as I can.

One of the reasons I like to highlight astrological energies in these weekly forecasts is because astrology constantly reminds me that we live in a state of constant creation. How we each decide to work with what we are given is highly individual. I don’t work with every single Moon phase, because I don’t always need the energies they are carrying.

I don’t feel affected by every retrograde, or every other major transit.

But I still like to know what’s there. It helps me to stay present, and purposeful. It helps me to remember that there is always something at my disposal, should I feel the need to tap into it.

It also helps me to remember that timing matters.

I find that this kind of awareness gives all of us the chance to be creative: Jupiter retrograde might mean one thing for you, and something entirely different for me. It’s what we decide to do with this energy, if anything, that matters.

Jupiter retrograde begins today, and I feel this is complimentary to the card I pulled for this week’s message: Ace of Crystals. While the term “retrograde” makes many folks out there nervous, the truth is all of the planets in our solar system go retrograde throughout the year. And with Jupiter being one of luck, joy, and expansion, this retrograde signifies second chances.

“Opportunity seldom knocks twice,” the old saying goes, but I think between now and June, there’s great opportunity for you to think about what kind of second chances you’d like to get – and remember that often, we are the ones to create those second chances.

In tarot, the Aces all represent new beginnings, and in the earthy realm of Crystals (traditionally knowns as Pentacles), this energy will be about taking tangible, solid action towards generating success for yourself. That might mean starting that side business, launching an Etsy store, writing an album – these are just some examples, of course. Remember, life is about being creative and building your personal mission one day at a time.

Overall, Jupiter’s expansive energy can support us by reaching for something. If you’ve been putting something off, or you feel you’ve made some missteps in your dreams and goals, you can now think about what might help you to reach towards your desired direction.

Friday brings a very special Full Moon in Leo and lunar eclipse. Leo connects to themes of creativity, generosity, confidence, inner fire, self-expression, and being seen. I feel that this energy can really help kickstart whatever Jupiter retrograde might support for you. Lunar eclipses create dramatic change. With this Full Moon being in fiery Leo, you might find that you are able to let go of some shyness, or a block in confidence or creativity that’s been keeping you from reaching for a bigger dream.

This is a great Moon to release anything that is keeping you from being seen and heard.

If you are ready to take some bold steps towards a new level of independence, or towards a greater stage or spotlight, this week can help you set the tone for the work ahead. Jupiter retrograde lasts until June 9.

Here’s a mantra to help you throughout the week:

I am reaching. I am expanding. I am ready.

And if you’d like to work with Friday’s Full Moon, here’s a tarot spread to try out:

1. How can I initiate change at this time?
2. How do I need to see myself at this time?
3. How do I need to express myself at this time?
4. How can I give power to my ideas at this time?

Have a great week. Until next time,

Liz xo