Jupiter square Neptune: Reality check or a test of faith? A look at the energy of the week ahead.

Five of Cups Cosmic TarotA major astrological transit to watch this year is Jupiter square Neptune, which was exact yesterday, Sunday, January 13.

What does this mean, exactly?

Jupiter is hopeful, optimistic, expansive. It helps us to have faith in overcoming barriers. It helps us to connect with our higher selves in order to grow.

Neptune is dreamy, spiritual, and deep. It helps us to connect to the divine and to channel new creative visions. It is the ruler of poetry, dreams, magic, and illusion.

Both planets are at home right now: Jupiter is in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces. They are at their most powerful, but potency doesn’t necessarily bring blessings across the board.

Jupiter in Sagittarius can struggle to see – or acknowledge – its limitations. It wants to move forward with the hope that everything will work out just fine.

Neptune’s influence can be confusing. This planet dissolves boundaries, which can be a good thing if that’s what you need. The problematic side of it is that Neptune can make it hard for us to know what’s real, and what’s just an illusion.

Delusion and misperception can become big issues when Jupiter and Neptune square off, which they will do in January, June and September.

These are times to be extra-careful with big plans and promises. By all means think big – Jupiter in Sagittarius can certainly help with that – but back your sh*t up, especially if you are making commitments you’re not sure you can keep. Otherwise, it can be all too easy to be blindsided by reality this year to the point where you might have to go back on your word.

Similarly, this also applies to opportunities that may be coming our way that seem too good to be true. If someone is making you promises that you’re not sure they can deliver on, listen to your gut. Even though it may be a little harder to hear that inner voice right now, it’s still important to listen.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should turn yourself away from all the good things in life now and throughout the year. Just be aware that we can all be a bit more naïve these days, and that our faith in something, or someone (including ourselves) may be tested along the way.

Spiritual growth can accelerate now, too, though again, we have to be careful to stay grounded on any spiritual path as well.

By all means dive deep into a practice, but remember that Neptune can have escapist tendencies. It’s easy to lose touch with reality when we go too far in any one direction, and false gurus and guides can come out of the woodwork throughout the year. Choose your temples and teachers wisely.

And be careful that you’re not pushing yourself to become an expert too soon, either. There’s a big trend right now in spiritual and divinatory practices for people to learn fast and try to start a business right away.

But posing as a pro when you’re really still a student can be a trap with Jupiter square Neptune.

Just as the Five of Cups indicates loss and disappointment, so can Jupiter square Neptune when it leads to broken illusions.

So work hard to stay grounded and discerning in the days and weeks to come. Check in with yourself around any blue-sky plans and ask:

Am I being realistic in my timelines?
Am I being honest about what this will cost in terms of time, money, or effort?
Am I really ready for the opportunities that are showing up for me?
Am I confident I can follow through on what I am promising?
Am I confident that others can follow through on what they are promising me?
Am I informed about the decisions I am making?
Am I equipped with the knowledge, experience, and know-how I need?

If it helps, here is an intention to take with you throughout the week:

“I intend to move forward with anchored, grounded focus. I intend to keep my heart and mind clear of any unnecessary confusion.”

Until next time,

Liz xo

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