Creative Magic: Writing Through the Lunar Cycle
June 3 – July 1, 2019

If you love writing, but you feel disconnected from it…

Or you dream of creating every day, but you’re not sure what to say, or how to start…

Or you get stuck with your writing, overthink the process, or have tons of ideas but are never sure how to focus them…

And you’re ready to develop a stronger writing practice, get re-inspired, and create some new works… 

I invite you to bring your writing practice to life this June with Creative Magic.

Throughout this course we’ll follow the Moon’s energies for a full lunar cycle. 

You will learn how the Moon can inspire and influence your writing with daily assignments. Explore how other magical tools like tarot cards, crystals, candles, and more can fuel your creativity.

Plus, you will receive guidance on how to refresh and renew your relationship to your writing.

This course starts on June 2, and you will receive your first workbook on June 3 in time for the Gemini New Moon, one of the best new moons for writers to work with.

The first half of this course will focus on creating as we move towards the Full Moon on June 17. As the Moon wanes, the second half of the course will help you maintain momentum and work through any creative blocks or barriers.

Come out of this experience with a notebook full of new ideas and a renewed commitment to your writing processes.

This is a self-study course that includes daily assignments emailed to you each morning (30 mini workbooks in total).

Cost: $85

“Does this course just send me a writing prompt every day?” 

No – you will get much more than that. Each assignment has been carefully crafted with insights, guidance, and creative inspiration. Not only will you be pushed to write in new and exciting ways, you will also develop processes that help you honour your creativity long after the course comes to an end.

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