Tarot for Self-Recovery and Reclamation

Tarot for Self-Recovery and Reclamation
October 23 – December 4, 2018 — online


Tarot reading can be an act of healing.

What reveals itself to us in the cards helps us to transform. Tarot helps us to see what parts of ourselves are asking to be expressed. It shows us how to trust, care for, and heal ourselves.

Reading tarot can also be an act of personal magic. Every card can inspire a ritual to help you set your healing, and your intentions, into motion.

If you are ready to learn how to use tarot to:

– Discover, recover, and reclaim your true self;
– Create your own healing rituals;
– Strengthen your voice, power, and spirit;
– Understand your soul’s work;
– And more…

Tarot for Self-Recovery and Reclamation is for you.

This course is designed for people who want to use tarot for personal and spiritual growth

My intention with this experience is to help you break away from what keeps you from showing up in the world so that you can redefine the terms by which you want to live and express yourself.

Our spiritual work of self is initially a work of reclamation and healing. This means…reawakening the lost energy and authentic connection to ourselves.” – Jack Kornfield

Here’s what you can expect from each class:

Week One: The Foundation, Part One – Tarot for Ritual and Healing

This class sets the tone and foundation for the rest of the course. This week, you will learn:

  • What ritual is, and why it matters
  • How to use tarot to create your own rituals
  • A tarot spread to help you honour yourself

Week Two: The Foundation, Part Two – Tarot as a bridge

This class looks at how and why we become disconnected from our true selves, and what we can do to begin to repair those disconnects. This week, you will learn:

  • What tarot can teach us about the world we live in
  • What tarot can teach us about our personal experiences
  • A tarot spread to help get your subconscious “unstuck”

Week Three: Tarot and the Body

This class looks at how and why we become disconnected from our bodies, and how tarot can help us repair those disconnects. This week, you will learn:

  • How to work with your body as a storehouse of ancestral and subconscious energies;
  • Why tarot is a valuable tool in understanding our bodies;
  • How to “see” the body in tarot;
  • A tarot spread to call your body back

Week Four: Tarot and the Voice

This class looks at what can block you from finding or using your voice, and how tarot can empower you to access it. This week, you will learn:

  • How you can become disconnected from your voice
  • What happens when you reclaim your voice
  • How to “see” the voice in tarot
  • A tarot spread to honour your voice

Week Five: Tarot and connection

Connection can mean many different things to many different people. In this class, we’ll look at two approaches to connection: The relationship with yourself, and your sense of belonging in the world around you. This week, you will learn:

  • What keeps us from feeling connected
  • Rethinking what it means to belong
  • How to find connection in tarot
  • A tarot spread to build connection

Week Six: Tarot and the soul

We all have a soul. It is an integral part of who we are, and what we came here to do. Yet so many of us go through life without ever learning how to listen to our souls. What lives within you, and what does your soul want you to do? It’s one of the many questions we’ll explore here. This week, you will learn:

  • Why your soul matters
  • How your soul helps you connect to hidden wisdoms
  • How to understand the soul through tarot
  • A tarot spread to build a relationship with your soul

Week Seven: Tarot and power

The final class will tie everything together to help you access your personal power. We will discuss what power can look like, and how you can step into your power moving forward. This week, you will learn:

  • How to identify disempowering influences in your life, and proactively work through them;
  • What power can mean for you;
  • How to “see” power in tarot;
  • A tarot spread to help you access your power; and
  • How the lessons of the previous weeks can all support your sense of power.

The cost of the class: $275 CDN

Sign up at the full price using the button below: 

Sign up on the payment plan: (Pay half now, half on Monday, November 12.)


What is included with your registration:

– Recordings to all classes
– Downloadable PDF worksheets each week
– Access to a private Facebook group for added support

Who is this class for?

This class is suitable for intermediate and advanced learners. It’s perfect for anyone who is craving a fresh take on tarot, and who has outgrown beginner lessons.

How do you know if you know “enough” to take this course?

We all learn tarot at our own pace. If you are still new to tarot, only you can know how much you want to challenge yourself. We will be looking at tarot cards in the context of each week’s topic, but this course won’t teach you the basics of tarot reading.

You should have some comfort level in interpreting tarot cards, and in being able to go beyond the standard keyword definitions of tarot. A willingness to work with big tarot spreads will go a long way here, too.

“I’m a professional tarot reader. Will this class be suitable for me?”

Absolutely! This class will give you a lot of great tools, insights, and tarot spreads that you can use in your own practice. Plus, you will learn how you can create healing rituals to help your clients.

But…the beauty of taking this class is that you get to do the work on yourself first.

“This class sounds deep. Am I spiritually ready for it?”  

Only you can answer that yourself. Yes, this work is meant to stir things up, shake things up, and clear things out so that you can get closer to who you are meant to be. If you are ready to take that journey,  I hope you will trust me as your guide.

“This class is exactly what I need right now. How do I sign up?” LizWorth -- resized

Tarot for Self-Recovery and Reclamation begins on Tuesday, October 23, and runs for seven weeks until Tuesday, December 4.

You can sign up for the full price of $275 here, or opt for an easy payment plan (half now, half on November 12) right here.

“Where does this class take place?”

This is an online class. When you register, you will receive a special link that will take you to our virtual classroom each week for a live video webinar.

“What if I can’t make the live webinars?”

All classes will be recorded. You will receive the class recordings within 24 hours of each lesson so that you can catch up at your own pace.

“Can I keep the class videos and other materials?”

You bet! All materials are yours to download, and you can save everything straight from your own inbox. No extra logins or classroom portals are required.

Class dates:

Tuesday, October 23 – The Foundation, Part One: Tarot for Ritual and Healing
Tuesday, October 30 – The Foundation, Part Two: Tarot as a Bridge
Tuesday, November 6 – Tarot and the Body
Tuesday, November 13 – Tarot and the Voice
Tuesday, November 20 – Tarot and Connection
Tuesday, November 27 – Tarot and the Soul
Tuesday, December 4 – Tarot and Power

All classes will take place at 7:30pm EST.

Classes run for about 90 minutes, give or take. As each lesson is different, some may take a little longer. I always make time for questions at the end of each lesson. I also recommend putting some aside each week to complete the homework. 

“What else do I need to know before I sign up?”

Class presentations will feature images from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

If you are looking for deck recommendations to use for this course, I strongly suggest using the Rider-Waite-Smith if you want to see what I am seeing in the cards. I also recommend the Sharman-Caselli, Universal, Morgan-Greer, or similar decks. 

Remember that we won’t be covering card meanings, however, so whichever deck you bring, please make sure you are using cards that you are confident working with. 

“How much experience do I need to take this course?”

You will be doing the work of this class for yourself, so if you are comfortable doing your own readings, or want more practice reading for yourself, this class will be ideal for you.

One thing I can tell you is that we won’t be covering tarot history or individual card meanings in any of these lessons.

This class will also give you a lot of tips on building new meanings and context for the cards as we explore different themes each week.

The learning curve may be steeper if you are a total newbie, but you will still gain techniques that you can put into practice as you move forward.

It all depends on what you want to dive into with tarot, and how far you want to push your boundaries as a beginner.

“What if I can’t make the live lessons? Will I be missing out on the experience?”

Every class will be recorded, so you will be receiving the exact same information as everyone who attends the live broadcasts.

I will be available to answer questions in the Facebook group, so if you miss any class Q&A, please know that you are supported throughout this course.

By the end of this class, you will leave with knowledge on:

  • Creating ritual with tarot
  • New, unique tarot spreads created just for this class
  • Insights on the collective and individual messages tarot helps us connect with
  • Yourself and your personal journey


  • We will have lots of time for Q&A at the end of each class;
  • You will have access to me between lessons to make sure no one falls through the cracks in this course;
  • You get to keep all of the recordings and materials I share with you in this class.

“I’m in! Sign me up.”

To pay half now, half on November 12:

What do others have to say about taking my classes?

“I continue to study with Liz because I get results and continually feel progress with her material and from her methods of teaching. She is the real deal! 

“Simply put, Liz is a great teacher.  As a beginner to tarot I was looking for someone who could skilfully introduce me to all the tarot has to offer and Liz did, and continues to do that with ease, warmth and understanding. Additionally, I learnt to reach into the cards and into myself and really cannot recommend Liz enough!”
– Stuart, South Wales

“Three online classes with Liz Worth and I hunger for more! Studying the moon, tarot and astrology with her online courses has been amazing. Liz obviously puts a lot of time and energy into her coursework.  She is patient and calm and open to any questions we could pose to her. Liz is humble, self-assured and knowledgeable all in one package. Her level of study and expertise is vast yet her unassuming nature leaves you feeling safe, secure and so very important. But her insight is what you will notice the most.”
– Terry Hughes

“I’m so glad that I took your classes. I have been really working on shifting some things in my life, and tarot has been a surprisingly helpful tool for me.”
– Monica, Reiki practitioner and healer

“I booked onto Liz’s course, Taking Tarot to the Next Level, as a returning intermediate level reader.  Having been out of the tarot world for a while and come back in during the age of social media, I suddenly felt confused, overwhelmed and in no way able catch up with all these readers with incredible readings, which included everything and the kitchen sink!
     “Liz’s course started with what some may consider on the surface to be high level principles and took them really deep and helped me to dig right into readings in a way that really resonated with me.  We examined the concepts in a new light and covered all the key areas that querents tend to ask about (and that tend to make me nervous).  The course was content rich and I couldn’t wait for each week to come around for the next instalment, and even now I dive back in to the lessons to gain further insights.
      “I really enjoyed doing readings, getting feedback from an experienced reader, and the energy was very supportive and nurturing.  Since doing the course, both my tarot readings and rune readings have stepped up to a whole new level.  My confidence has soared and my feedback from others has gone from good reviews to outstanding ones.
      “I have since done other great courses with Liz, which gave me a lot of food for thought and I eagerly await her other online offerings.”
– Rachel

About Me 

LizWorth(14of36) - CopyA decade ago, I started reading tarot on the advice of an astrologer. My life has never been the same since. When I am teaching tarot, I always tell my students to stay open to how this practice will transform you. 

Because tarot does change us. And I am always so grateful to be able to show others how to work with this amazing tool. In 2017, Toronto Life magazine and She Does the City listed me as a go-to reader and tarot teacher. 

I am the author of Going Beyond the Little White Book: A Contemporary Guide to Tarot, which has been critically-acclaimed by emerging and established tarot practitioners alike. I have also written horoscopes for Flare Magazine and Spiral Nature, and my work has appeared on Biddy Tarot, Little Red Tarot, and the Numinous. I have been featured on a number of podcasts, including the Biddy Tarot podcast, the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), and Tarot Visions.

I have facilitated talks and workshops about tarot, astrology, and magic in and around Toronto and the U.S, including the Northwest Tarot Symposium, Readers’ Studio in New York City, and the Inaugural Light and Love Tarot Reading Marathon in Montreal.

Questions? Contact me: lizworth@gmail.com

Class policies:

Due to the energetic nature of my work, all classes are non-refundable for any reason. 

My goal as a teacher is to give you material that you can put to use. I can’t transform you into a tarot reader – that is your work to do. But I can guide you along the way, and my promise to you as a teacher is that I will share lessons and material that I believe is relevant, useful, and important.

If for some reason you are unable to complete or commit to the course material, remember that you will receive all recordings and you can revisit them at any time.

It is your responsibility to make the most out of this course. I put a lot of effort into my classes, but I can only take you so far. Once the lessons are over, it’s up to you to take the material and put it to use.

I cannot provide refunds, extensions, or exceptions for students who decide they can’t make the time for the lessons. Once you purchase a spot in this class, you are committing to it.

I will be available to answer questions about the lessons between the dates of October 23 and December 9, 2018. Please ensure you connect with me for any support within the appropriate window of time. I can’t guarantee my availability once a course is completed.

You are responsible for downloading and saving all class materials you wish to keep.

If you are signing up via the payment plan, you are committing to the full six weeks of classes. Even if you are behind in the course schedule, or are unsure if you want to continue with the class, your payment is still due by November 12, 2018.

For a full list of policies, please visit lizworth.com/policies.

Please email lizworth@gmail.com with any questions regarding class policies that are not answered here.

Photos of Liz by Keidi Janz (c) 2018

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