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Taught by Liz Worth // 2018 Edition 
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“You often make the biggest mistakes of your life when you’re ignoring the Moon.”
– Donna Cunningham

Every phase of the Moon affects you. Every lunar cycle can open you up to new opportunities, healing, and transformation – if you know how to use it.

The Moon is also how you can connect to your soul, your intuition, and your deepest sense of purpose. It’s where your magic happens.

When you learn to live by the Moon, you learn how to tune into yourself in a greater way. You begin to live more purposefully, more productively. You begin to trust in life’s timing, and you begin to trust in yourself – and make amazing things happen as a result.

In a world that is often disconnected from the power of nature’s rhythms, in a world that doesn’t always allow us to truly explore and express who we are, it is more important than ever to find your true nature.

MOON MAGICK is a six-week online course that will show you exactly how to work with the phases of the Moon to help you attract more money, love, opportunity, and success, while letting go of patterns and habits that keep you stuck.

MOON MAGICK is open to everyone. No previous knowledge of astrology is required, and no previous experience with working with the Moon is necessary.

“This course was deeply inspiring and enlightening. I connected intimately in a new way with the light, energy and magic of the moon. I feel transformed.”
– Sean Balandowich

Can’t make it to a live class? No problem! I’ll be recording each class, so if you’re registered, you’ll receive every lesson within 24 hours. You can catch up at your own pace. 

Here’s what we’ll cover in each class:

Week 1: Why the Moon matters
Learn about the Moon’s role and impact, the history of Moon worship, and how the Moon influences us today. We’ll also talk about how to set clear, effective intentions to make the most out of the Moon’s power – and yours.

Week 2: How to follow the phases of the Moon
Learn about the Moon’s many phases and what they mean for you. This is one of the most important foundations to working with the Moon, and this class will get you started on developing a strong connections with the Moon’s ebbs and flows.

Week 3: The Moon through the zodiac – part one
This is where the magic really starts to take shape. Understanding how the Moon moves through each sign of the zodiac month after month is key to learning to live by lunar cycles. Learn the functions of the signs from Aries through to Virgo, and how the Moon’s expression through them influences our lives here on Earth – and how you can make those energies work for you.

Week 4: The Moon through the zodiac – part two
We’ll continue our journey through the zodiac, from Libra to Pisces. We’ll also look at how to know when the Moon’s energy is right for you, and why it’s important to set your intentions when the Moon is right.

Week 5: Moon signs
Just as you have a Sun sign, you also have a Moon sign. Knowing what it is, and what it means, can be a major step in understanding yourself better. In this lesson, you will learn about each of the 12 Moon signs, and how they apply to you and those around you.

Week 6: Putting it all into practice
This is where you will learn how to create your own rituals and practices around following the Moon. Because after soaking up all the Moon’s wisdom throughout the previous four weeks, it will be time for you to begin to set some clear intentions around what you’re ready to make happen in your life. This final class will give you the foundation you need to make it all come together.

There will be Q&A at the end of each class, and you will have access to me via a private Facebook group each week as well. There, we can all come together as a group to share deeper insights, learning experiences, and more.


– You will also receive a 20+ page Moon planner (PDF version) to help you work with each New and Full Moon until the end of 2018;
– Can’t make it to a live class? No problem! I’ll be recording each class, so if you’re registered, you’ll receive every lesson within 24 hours. You can catch up at your own pace.


Class starts on Monday, February 19 at 7:30pm EST. We’ll meet every Monday for six weeks, with the exception of Tuesday, March 6. 

Class dates:

Monday, February 19 – Why the Moon matters
Monday, February 26 – How to follow the phases of the Moon
Tuesday, March 6 – The Moon through the zodiac, pt. 1
Monday, March 12 – The Moon through the zodiac, pt. 2

Monday, March 19 – Moon signs
Monday, March 26 – Putting it all into practice

All classes will take place at 7:30pm EST.


Moon Magick is an online course.

Can’t make it to a live class on Monday nights? No problem. I’ll be recording each class, so if you’re registered, you’ll receive every lesson within 24 hours. You can catch up at your own pace.


The cost: $225 CDN (payment plans are available)


Click here to register to pay for the full course up front, at $225 CDN.

Click here to register for the payment plan at $112.50. (You will pay half now, and the other half by Monday, March 12.)

If you are ready to learn about why the Moon matters, what the phases of the Moon mean and how you can work with them, how to set your intentions by the Moon to increase your personal power, and how to create your own Moon rituals, I would love to see you in MOON MAGICK.

I loved Liz Worth’s Moon Magick class. Liz has a great teaching style and really explains new concepts well. She started with the very basic aspects of the moon and built on that with more and more detailed and in depth information. Liz knows her stuff and I am so happy I learned about her and found this course. I highly recommend this course if you are confused about how the zodiac relates to the moon phases. I have a much clearer understanding now. I would take any course she offered.”
– Nan Moak

Kew GardensAbout your instructor, Liz Worth

I’m an astrologer and tarot reader based out of Toronto, Canada. I can help you understand the energies that we’re all moving through collectively, and how we can use them at a personal level to make significant changes in our own lives. A lot of my work revolves around supporting people from all walks of life to regain their ability to trust their instinct, their passions, and their decisions.

The Moon is a huge part of my life. I plan my business, creative projects, and personal intentions around it.

I’m here to show you how to follow the Moon to learn simple but powerful ways to create more balance, flow, and success into your life. If you are feeling called to understand the Moon’s rhythms and how you can work with its mysteries, its potent energies, and its magic, let’s make this happen.

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