Light and shade: Welcoming the Scorpio New Moon

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Light and shade: That’s what I thought of when the Temperance card appeared for this week’s forecast.

I immediately noticed the snake around Temperance’s neck. The Sun moved into Scorpio on Saturday, and coming up this weekend, we’ll have a New Moon in Scorpio. It’s a lot of Scorpio energy all at once. This is an intense sign, one that embodies rebirth and regeneration.

The snake is one of Scorpio’s symbols, as it sheds its skin, reminding us of the necessity to shed our old armour, appearances, and identities as our personal life cycles necessitate.

The Moon is waning this week, meaning that it’s shrinking down to size before it begins anew again this Sunday, October 30. As the Moon is waning, it’s a good time to complete projects or tie up any loose ends. Clear the slate before a new lunar cycle begins, so that you have the time and space to focus on something fresh.

With Scorpio’s transformative energy, this is an ideal time to think of what kind of skin you’d like to shed. There’s a Pluto-Mars conjunction this week which is really going to push a lot of us to make substantial, potentially life-altering changes.

I’m not going to lie: This conjunction can stir up a lot of intensity. But if you’ve following me for a while, you know I love a challenge. You also know that I don’t see astrological activity as necessarily good or bad; it’s all what we make of it, and how we each decide to move through it.

So if you’re feeling ready to break away from something in a big way, or if those around you are experiencing some turmoil and can’t figure out why, you might be feeling that Mars-Pluto energy. Remember that Mars is also connected to Scorpio, so Scorpio really is making its presence known this week.

Scorpio is sometimes misunderstood because its traditional symbol is the scorpion – it stings. But because Pluto is this sign’s ruler, it’s also a deeply spiritual sign because it is so connected to the process of transformation.

Scorpio makes us go deep by helping us to connect to our subconscious desires, to thoughts and feelings that we may have buried or repressed over the years, and by enhancing our intuition and psychic selves.

The presence of the Temperance card this week is hopeful, as it brings me back to my original message of light and dark: This is a time to honour what may have been in the dark for too long, to bring forward aspects of yourself that you might be ignoring, and to let your intuition guide you towards balance and harmony – even if evening that process is a bit rocky at first.

As we come to the Scorpio New Moon on Sunday, October 30, you have the opportunity to set some intentions around what kind of transformation you might like to see yourself go through within the next six months.

What kind of change are you ready to initiate? What skin would you like to shed? How might you want to rise again like the phoenix, which is also a Scorpio symbol?

And of course, because of Scorpio’s underworld connection, this New Moon is a wonderful time to build some intentions around increasing your intuition, working with tarot, enhancing your spiritual practice, or taking up a new interest in something related. (Personally, I’m learning about mediumship, and making incense – very Scorpio activities, indeed!)

If it helps, here is a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

I will not turn away from what comes to light, for I know that nothing can remain in the shadows forever.

And if you have a tarot deck of your own and want to connect with this weekend’s New Moon in Scorpio, here is a tarot spread you can work with:

1. What kind of transformation can I initiate over the next six months?
2. What message from my subconscious can support this?
3. What message from my higher self can support this?
4. What step can I take during this new lunar cycle to begin this process?

Have a great week. I always enjoy connecting with you here.

Until next time,

Liz xo