Magic is yours to make: Your weekly forecast for November 7, 2016

three-of-cupsI used to dread the beginning of November. Actually, I would have preferred to write the whole month off altogether.

As far as I was concerned, there was nothing to look forward to. Halloween had come and gone, which to me was one of the highlights of the season. I loved the lead up to the time of year when everything felt a little more mysterious, more magical. After that, I wasn’t sure where to place my anticipation next.

Even the changing fall colours didn’t look the same to me when the calendar changed over to November. In my part of the world, autumn is a beautiful display of red and orange and yellow leaves. But some years, the November days get cold and gray quite quickly, and the leaves seem to dry and crumble too soon.

Overall, November always felt like a damp, gloomy month with nothing to look forward to.

But as I got older, I decided to change my outlook on poor, uneventful November. One thing that helped was in learning more about the energetic correspondences to the seasons and astrology. I started to remind myself that Scorpio season carries on well into November – the veils between us the spirit world remain thin all this time.

While Halloween, Samhain, All Soul’s Day, and the Day of the Dead all garner so much attention and anticipation, the promises they hold can carry on in the weeks to follow.

“Every day is Halloween,” Ministry’s Al Jourgensen sang in his band’s 1980s cult anthem and these days, I feel as though it’s true.

What have you been dreaming about recently? Throughout the final weekend of October and into the first week of November, I had a number of vivid dreams about my late father.

In one, he asked me why I don’t wear his watch anymore. You can bet I made sure to put it on when I got dressed that day. In another, I dreamt my father was showing me a golden horseshoe. It reminded me a horseshoe he kept in his work shed, an object that must have been lost or overlooked when my mom sold the house. I’ll have to find one to hang in my home, in his honour.

Perhaps you’ve had a dream recently about a lost loved one. Or maybe you’ve been drawn to old family photo albums, or felt called to explore places that you’ve never been before, but feel inexplicably tied to. This is all the type of energy that can come up with the Sun in Scorpio.

Remember, too, that while tradition and ritual have a strong places in our world – both personally and socially – you are always free to create your own ritual, or build a new connection to a different type of tradition than you were raised with. That’s what I see in the Three of Cups that has appeared here for this week.

While this card traditionally depicts three women dancing in a circle, the Starchild Tarot version offers something more personal, private: Chalices spilling over with gems from the earth beneath a starry sky with the water at your feet.

What inspiration might you take from this card this week? I would encourage you to use it to map your own guide to the stars. As many of us prepare to move into a darker season (the time changed here this weekend and I am dreading the loss of light), what can you create for yourself this November that makes you feel excited? What can you give yourself to look forward to?

Choose something. Create something. Connect with what’s calling to you now – it’s likely showing up for a reason.

If it helps, here is a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

True magic starts with me.

Until next time,

Liz xo