Making your own luck: A look at this week’s culmination of energies

Eight of Pentacles Cosmic TarotLast week, I talked about the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter making a conjunction.

Today, that energy culminates, making the start of this week rich with possibility.

The mood can be good overall. Optimism, hope, and happiness abound. This can also feel like a lucky time where synchronicity and connection seem to keep everything in flow.

The card for this week is the Eight of Pentacles, which to me often feels like you’re putting one last piece of the puzzle together. In this kind of energy, something that you’ve been hard at work on, or trying to sort through for some time now, can finally feel like it’s aligning.

Mastery, confidence, and completion can also be strong themes here.

And that makes sense: On Saturday, December 1, Mercury slips back into Scorpio as it continues its retrograde. This means that it’s going back over the same territory it traveled through in late October.

Venus is revisiting Scorpio, too, starting on Sunday, December 2. Venus was retrograde for a good part of the fall season.

She started her retrograde in Scorpio and then backed into Libra. Now she’s moving forward again, and has to pass through Scorpio once again to continue her journey.

If you felt like something got disrupted, or distracted, earlier this season, this week might give you the missing piece of the puzzle to get things put right again.

Patience, care, and attention are all key for the week ahead.

So is a balance between your outer and inner world.

Remember, we are in Sagittarius season, but with Mercury and Venus passing through Scorpio, there may be a deeper need to reflect and recharge as the energetic momentum builds right now.

A fire sign like Sagittarius can keep us busy, but Scorpio is turning our minds and hearts towards introspective, meditative pursuits as well.

So if you feel like you need to take a step back and get something right in the days to come, give yourself permission to take that extra time for yourself.

If you feel like something has been left undone, and it’s nagging at you, trust your intuition and use this time to get it right.

And if you’re looking to strike out in a bold new direction, take the chance. Now is the time to make your own luck.

“I am creating something good.”

Until next time,

Liz xo

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