Mars in Taurus and surprises around every corner

Three of Pentacles Cosmic TarotMars has been in Aries since December 31.

This Tuesday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day – the fiery warrior planet will enter sensual, earthy Taurus – the sign that Venus rules.

Mars just wants to get things done. It likes moving forward, no matter what it takes.

But it can also amp things up, for better or for worse. Astrology can affect each of us in different ways, and sometimes we don’t always need all the added energy that Mars in Aries might bring. So if you’ve been feeling on edge, impatient, or short-fused these past few weeks, Mars may be responsible for some of that agitation.

Mars can also make us relentless in our pursuits. When have action-oriented planets in fire signs, it’s always important to step back and ask:

“Why am I doing this, why is it important, and does it absolutely have to be done right this second?”

Because sometimes, Mars in Aries can have us trying to do too much, too soon, without a break or pause for reflection on our priorities.

Take a pulse on your own energy levels so far this year.

Have you been plowing through something with renewed determination…or flying by the seat of your pants?

No matter how Mars in Aries has felt for you, we have a nice, grounded message through the Three of Pentacles this week that reminds you to stay focused on your foundation.

This is a card that reminds us that our strength is only as good as the ground we stand on, so if you’ve been rushing through life without really knowing why, take a breath and check in with yourself to make sure you’re taking care of the things that you need to feel safe, protected, and solid in your day-to-day life.

This is also good advice for the Mars-Uranus conjunction this Wednesday, February 13. Right now, Uranus is also in Aries, which it is revisiting after its retrograde period that ended in early January. This is Uranus’ last trip through Aries until 2095, and it will enter Taurus next month.

Uranus is the planet of evolution and innovation. It asks us to break down our barriers, and in Aries its focus is on breaking down any walls that block us from self-actualization. Aries must find a way to be independent, to pioneer, to walk its own path.

Uranus’ energy will push Mars into lightning-quick action. This week’s energies will be dynamic, and can bring up unexpected ideas, conversations, and power.

Of course, because this is combustible, fiery stuff we are working with, these energies might not always show up in the most productive forms. Impatience, presumption, and heated moments can flare up.

This week can be a strong time to make headway on your personal path, especially if you are working to create more freedom or independence for yourself this year. But it makes me think of the phrase “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

In other words, be careful that impulse or impatience don’t push you to act upon something that you haven’t fully thought through. By all means, take risks, and be open to flashes of inspiration that come up this week. But remember that risks can still be calculated.

The impulse can be strong right now to quit, walk away, unleash a tirade, or speak too soon.

Just as it can be strong to undertake a brilliant new idea – but one that may need further thought, investigation, and planning in order to be sustained in the long-run.

Aries’ downfall is that it leaps before it looks, but it doesn’t have to keep living that same lesson over and over again.

Mars enters Taurus on Valentine’s Day, which can help start soothing any fires that have been burning within, but the energy of this Mars Uranus conjunction will vibrate throughout the week to come, so be mindful of how that may be impacting you in the days beyond:

“I will show care and attention to the breakthroughs the universe offers me.”

Until next time,

Liz xo

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