Mars, Pluto, and the Moon: A time for new hopes and dreams, and renewed faith

the-star-starchildFor those of you who have been following these forecasts throughout the year, you might have noticed that certain tarot cards have tended to repeat themselves throughout 2016. So imagine my surprise – and excitement – when the Star showed up for this week’s message.

Within the order of the tarot’s Major Arcana, the Star follows the destructive and devastating power of the Tower. The Tower is where our old ideals and fraying security blankets finally crumble.

I’ve always found much significance in the placement of the Star because of this. It reminds me of Oscar Wilde’s infamous quote, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

The stars can’t be seen without the darkness, and in tarot, it takes the Tower’s energy to get us there, to help strip away everything that isn’t necessary anymore in order to reconnect with the hopes and dreams that perhaps have gotten lost or buried along the way.

And sometimes, we need to go through some tough experiences in order to learn to place our faith within ourselves, first and foremost, rather than on false promises or transient ideals.

On Friday, we had a New Moon in Libra. This was a rare Moon, as it was the second New Moon of September, ending off a month of intense astrological energy. September also brought a solar and lunar eclipse, and Mercury was retrograde for much of the month.

You might have experienced some big or unexpected changes in September as a result of those eclipses. That’s their nature: They “eclipse” something in your life, or bring realizations out of the darkness and into the light so that you can become clearer and more decisive about how to move forward.

Ultimately, these eclipses are meant to help you realign your life, even if the process of implementing those changes sometimes feels heavy or tense at first. Change is like that; sometimes, the best things for us have the hardest beginnings.

But the presence of the Star indicates that this is a week to move ahead with renewed faith in yourself, and in your dreams. What do you want or need to reconnect to? Maybe you have long felt disconnected from your ability to imagine a future overall; if so, this can be the time to simply set the intention to change that.

Start by asking, “How can I become clearer about my direction? How can I know myself as a compass?” We are starting a new month off with a fresh lunar cycle, and for all of us, this waxing Moon is going to support whatever is waiting and ready to be brought to life. New beginnings await.

Last week also brought some important astrological shifts that are really going to take hold throughout October. First, Pluto ended a six-month retrograde on September 26. This retrograde has brought some opportunities to get real with ourselves. Connected to the subconscious and our shadow sides, Pluto pushes us into deep transformation.

On September 27, Mars slipped into steady, stable Capricorn. Mars has been in and out of Scorpio and Sagittarius energy this year; both of those signs are very different from earthy Capricorn.

Sagittarius and Scorpio can bring a lot assertive, momentous energy, but because Mars is so connected to our sense of vitality and motivation, that energy hasn’t necessarily been easy to harness. Especially with Mars having gone retrograde this past spring.

I think both of these shifts from Pluto and Mars are coming at just the right time as we move into a new month, with a new lunar cycle. Mars in Capricorn can help bring structure and stability into areas of your life that might have felt more volatile or unpredictable throughout the year.

This is where you can activate the message of the Star card:

What have you had to confront about yourself, or about a situation, in the past few months that is pressing you towards change? What might that open up for you, despite any uncertainty around it?

Where have you struggled to maintain control, or to create a better sense of security and direction? What systems, processes, routines, or schedules might help to change that?

What have you been craving to connect with? It might be an old dream, or a new idea, or simply a deeper sense of trust within yourself.

Now is the time to bring these questions to forefront. Look back at everything that’s unfolded for you so far this year.

Where is it leading you?

How far have you come?

Where would you still like to go?

What will you do to trust yourself in the process?

If it helps, here is a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

I am my own compass, and I follow my own map.

Have a great week.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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