Maybe you have stories like this, too.

“You’re so shy. I didn’t think you would be able to do that.”

My dad spoke those words to me at my grandma’s funeral when I was 16. I had just stepped away from the podium where I read a poem I’d written for her.

At the time, I remember feeling a little hurt, and a little surprised, by this comment. Not that it wasn’t true: I was painfully shy growing up, and had been since I was a toddler.

What hurt me most about it was realizing my dad had been secretly second-guessing me all along, expecting me to back out or fail at my commitment somehow. Until then, he hadn’t made any mention that he doubted me.

I was surprised at his lack of belief in me. And it made me doubt myself: What does my dad see in me that makes him believe I cannot overcome my shyness?

My work in finding my voice and using it as a poet, writer, teacher, and tarot reader has been a lifelong process. While I have grown so much through my own work, the memories of who I was, and how far I have come, are always so close to my heart.

Maybe you have stories like this, too: Moments in your life when you can pinpoint the times you got discouraged, or felt out of reach from your potential.

There are so many factors in this world that can take you away from yourself, erode your confidence, and repress your true nature.

Tarot is one tool that can help you recover the aspects of yourself that get lost along the way.

But it’s not a quick fix. Tarot is a slow burn, especially when you use it for healing, personal growth, transformation, and betterment.

Tarot is often assumed to be a look into the future. But the problem with relying on tarot solely for predictions is that predictions aren’t always helpful.

They can be exciting to hear, but they can also be hurtful. Especially if they bring messages like my dad’s prediction that I would fail at honouring my grandmother.

Predictions can also be painful if they make grand promises that don’t come true.

But more than hanging hope on an uncertain future, predictions don’t help you to fix the foundation of your heart, soul, and spirit that may be hurting from something that happened in the past and is now blocking you from moving forward.

When you use tarot to strengthen your voice, repair your relationship with your mind and body, and build better connections with the world around you, you begin to step into your own power in a way that frees you from worrying about what the future holds.

Because then, you begin to trust in your own ability to walk through the world on your terms, rather than being kept down by other people’s expectations, judgments, and beliefs about how you should be.

That’s why I created Tarot for Self-Recovery and Reclamation: To teach you how to use tarot to break through the conditioning that holds you back. Like me, you are probably drawn to tarot because you want to better yourself – and help others to improve their lives, too.

This online training is a powerful seven-week experience for intermediate, advanced, and professional tarot readers. First, you get to do the work of this course on yourself so that you will feel confident and clear in how to bring these lessons into your community.

You will get feedback from me throughout the program, and will have opportunities to get your questions answered along the way so that you can make the most out of every lesson.

Class begins October 23. I hope to see you there.

Register here.

Until next time,

Liz xo