Jupiter is moving direct again and there’s a Full Moon this weekend. What does this mean for you?

Ten of Cups

Yes, there’s a Mercury retrograde happening right now.

Mercury retrogrades always get a lot of play, but Mercury is a small, fast-moving planet and doesn’t always wield quite as much power as all the hype may have us believe.

The retrograde I’ve been more interested in this year is Jupiter’s. Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity. One of my favourite astrologers refers to Jupiter as “the opener of the way.” This is the planet that opens doors for us, but those doors can be slower to open when Jupiter is retrograde.

Jupiter can cause us to feel optimistic, hopeful, and daring. Perhaps you’ve felt a little shy or hesitant these past few months, especially towards something that you would normally be all for. Or maybe you’ve been questioning yourself more than you would like to, or finding that the opportunities you hoped would appear in 2016 haven’t manifested themselves just yet.

This can all come from Jupiter’s backspin, but now that this big planet started moving direct again last week, life can find new flow.

And with that Mercury retrograde ending this weekend, on May 22, things will really start to speed up again later this month.

But until then, we still have a waxing Moon on our side, pushing us towards creation until this Saturday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is also ruled by Jupiter, making this Moon one that is concerned with expansion.

Sagittarius is an adventurous, curious, confident sign. Never one to be tied down, it must always be learning, seeking, teaching, and seeing new horizons, always in a quest for personal happiness and contentment.

Sagittarians know that true fulfillment is found when they move to the beat of their own drum, no matter what that rhythm may sound like.

And this is what I think the Ten of Cups is here to highlight this week, too.

The Ten of Cups is a card that emphasizes emotional fulfillment, happiness, and a true alignment of personal values. It shows up to say that it’s time to enjoy your life and give priority to what matters most to you.

This card brings an abundance of joy, and that’s what Jupiter does, too. It helps to bring growth and expansion to anything it touches. Right now, it’s in the earthy sign of Virgo, a sign that nurtures and supports. Community, kindness, love, and service to ourselves and those we care about are going to become important themes through Jupiter in Virgo.

Taking into account that Full Moons are about bringing something to completion or full circle, or releasing old energies, I would invite you to contemplate what it might be time for you to re-align when it comes to your personal values.

Where can you take more pleasure in small moments? What might you be ready to release in order to make more room for happiness? What will help you feel like you are moving towards bigger, brighter horizons?

If it helps, here’s a mantra that you can work with throughout the week:

I am ready to create joy, and to receive it. I trust that when I prioritize my happiness, the universe responds in kind.

And if you have a tarot deck of your own and want to do a reading for yourself to help connect with this weekend’s Full Moon, here’s a spread you can try at home:

1. What is it time for me to prioritize?
2. What step can I take to create more joy in my life?
3. How can I expand my horizons?
4. What is it time for me to release on this Full Moon?
5. How can I embrace Jupiter’s energy at this time?

Also… if you enjoy the insights that tarot brings in these posts each week, and you want to take the plunge and learn to read tarot yourself, I’m running a tarot workshop for beginners on Saturday, June 25 at SeeSaw Café in Toronto. It’s going to be really fun! I hope you can make it.

Details and registration are here.

And if you’re not local, but you would like to learn tarot with me, don’t worry. I’ve got some future offerings up my sleeve!

Until next time,

Liz xo

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