Mercury and Jupiter meet up as the Sun enters Virgo: This is how we will shine on

sunQuick note: I’m taking some time off in late August and early September. If you’ve been thinking of booking a session with me and want to get in before I go, I have some spots left this week. Get one here.

Bring on the enthusiasm! The Sun card showed up for this week’s message, and why not? Even though the Fall Equinox is still weeks away, for many (at least in my neck of the woods), Labour Day is the unofficial end of summer.

I find that the last two weeks in August are often the most challenging when it comes to making much progress in anything. Despite the Sun moving into productive Virgo today, those of us who want to hang onto the lazy, hazy days of summer just a little bit longer can really fight against September’s impending arrival.

And if you don’t feel you’ve taken much time to actually unwind this summer (hi, that’s me!), then these last few days in August can really feel like the last chance to have some fun in the sun.

No matter where you’re at the in the world, the Sun card highly encourages you to find some happiness this week. With the Sun moving out of fun-loving Leo and into earthy Virgo, there will definitely be an energetic shift taking place. Virgo has a bit of a rep for being a perfectionist, but it’s also a nurturing, caring sign. Do something for you this week.

The Sun card is also one of the most positive, uplifting cards in tarot. Because the Sun is so bright, I like to think of this card as one that shines its light onto all that’s good in your life right now. If you’ve been having a tough time lately, or feeling like the pressure is on, try to find a moment to centre yourself this week.

Grab some alone time – even if it’s just for 20 minutes – and write down a few things that you’re grateful for. They can be big or simple, material or intangible. Maybe you’re thankful for your inner strength, or for a past experience that has given you more wisdom than school ever could. Maybe you’re grateful for your morning carpool, or for the person you come home to each day.

Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct today, which I feel is going to help us all tap into a high sense of optimism this week. Together, these two can bring epiphanies, good news, and an overall sense of possibility.

Enthusiasm can run high this week, and with Virgo’s influence, you might start thinking about signing up for a fall class, writing a book, or putting a new idea into action.

If it helps, here’s a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

No matter what, I will always find a way forward.

Until next time,
Liz xo

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