Mercury in Aries: All systems go

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Mercury, the planet of ideas and communication, enters Aries today. Aries is fire energy. It takes bold, decisive action. Does it look before it leaps? Not often. There is a lot of confidence with the fire element, but there can also be carelessness.

With Mercury being so connected to our thoughts and words, I can’t help but first get excited about this transit. If you are a writer, or have been thinking about exploring writing as a creative path, Mercury in Aries can give you a much-needed burst of inspiration. Just remember that the fire element moves fast and furious: Inspiration might strike, but if you don’t act on it, it could fizzle out as quickly as it appeared.

Of course, there is always a shadow side to the energies we are moving through. Aries is ruled by Mars, which is an aggressive planet. Aries energy has to keep its temper and impatience in check. We’ll all need to be careful that we’re not speaking too soon, or acting out on assumptions or speculation.

That’s also where the downside of confidence can come in: It’s not a bad thing to believe you can be right, but we can get ourselves in trouble by jumping to conclusions.

It’s too perfect that the Knight of Wands was the card I pulled for this week’s forecast. This card embodies exuberance, arrogance, and confidence. This Knight knows no bounds. He moves through the world believing that nothing stands in his way – all obstacles are only illusions.

But he must be careful not to steamroll his way through life, either. If he rushes in too soon, he risks losing an opportunity, or losing someone he cares about. He has to remember to exercise care.

Optimism can run high with Mercury in Aries, just as it does with the Knight of Wands. But what happens with too much optimism? We don’t always set realistic goals. Instead, we end up with blind spots because we rushed ahead, trusting that all would go according to plan. So remember to be fearless, yet grounded, confident yet gentle, wise but open to new lessons.

Words can definitely hurt with Mercury in Aries, too. We can get ahead of ourselves and say something that we regret later.

If you have a lot to get off your chest right now, try to channel it creatively – it’s the Mercury way. Mercury will be in Aries until the end of March, so there’s a decent window of time for us all to use this energy productively.

If it helps, here’s a mantra you can work with throughout the week:

I am ready to set my ideas alight.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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