Mercury retrograde ends, and a new lunar cycle begins…

Two of Cups Cosmic TarotIf you’ve been caught up in the current Mercury retrograde period, you can breathe a sigh of relief: Mercury goes direct this Thursday, December 6.

There are always multiple factors that influence us at any given time.

Astrologically, there can be many other planets that are working on your side. For example, Jupiter entered its home of Sagittarius in early November, which can help bring blessings and ease into your life.

How we choose to move through the world has an influence on what we experience, too.

Some people blame Mercury retrograde for delays and disorganization, but if someone chronically struggles with time management, then they also need to look at how their own actions have factored into any snafus they’ve experienced during Mercury retrograde.

In other words: We can use astrology to become more aware of the themes, energies, and potentials that are available to us. But it shouldn’t be used as a crutch or an excuse.

We each have to know the world we are navigating. Infrastructure, politics, and socioeconomic circumstances can have just as much of an impact on your personal experiences as astrology will.

The key is in remembering that we are operating as part of a whole, and to look for ways to find solutions to the obstacles we run up against.

This Mercury retrograde has brought a special focus on worldview, perspective, mindset, and truth.

It started in the sign of Sagittarius on November 16 and slipped back into truth-teller Scorpio on December 1.

In Sagittarius, Mercury retrograde forces us to connect to our personal beliefs and philosophies – the things we consider to be true.

Here, you might have had the cover lifted off of something you felt was real, or right. These past few weeks might have revealed new layers to your personality, or new perspectives that shifted your world.

It can be uncomfortable experience when you start to see something for what it is – especially when you thought you already had it figured out.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius reminds us, too, that no one has all the answers. Which can be another source of pain for those who had a moment of humility these past few weeks.

But not to worry: If you had to retrace your steps, apologize, or take back something you said, you are doing the work this retrograde is asking of you.
It’s also part of the personal expansion that the universe is offering each of us right now.

Growth can come by allowing ourselves to see that we can’t always be right. And it can come by allowing for new ideas, opinions, and angles to open our minds, especially if they have become too narrow in some of their views.

With Mercury now in transformative, cleansing Scorpio, you have the opportunity to shed an old belief until December 12, when Mercury enters Sagittarius again.

The card I pulled for this week is the Two of Cups.

It is a card of partnership, respect, collaboration, and mutual agreement. Yes, it can look romantic, but remember that romance requires compromise.

If we apply the rules of a loving relationship to all aspects of our lives, we see that every situation we enter into can benefit from everyone being a little more willing to listen, learn, and understand each other’s differences.

Which is another lesson that can come through Friday’s New Moon in Sagittarius.

This will be the last New Moon of 2018, and it allows us to set our intentions to be more open. To embrace any learnings that have come up these past few weeks, or throughout this past year, and to commit to applying them to your life.

This New Moon asks:

How can you keep your eyes and ears open from this moment on?
What do you want to let into your heart?
Where do you want to expand your mind?
What are you ready to learn?
Where can you potentially help others to grow?
Where can you bring love into the world?
Where can you help to eliminate some of life’s chaos?

Sagittarius is a big energy, and so its questions and intentions will match its infinite potential. It is idealistic, visionary, and expansive, and so it asks you to allow your imagination to see grater possibilities for the future.

If you’d like to connect with this New Moon in Sagittarius on Friday, December 7, here is a tarot spread to help:

1. How can my mind expand?        
2. How can my heart grow? 
3. What boundary am I ready to push through?     
4. What dream is calling to me next?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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