Mercury retrograde has begun. Re-think, re-evaluate, re-do.

Justice StarchildOver the weekend, Mercury stationed retrograde and is now doing its semi-regular backspin through the stars.

When I write about Mercury retrograde, I often state that these retrograde periods often get over-hyped, and the fear around them is unwarranted.

Every planet goes retrograde at some point. Retrogrades serve to slow down certain processes in order to give us time to re-align with our needs, goals, relationships, and more. Every planet influences different parts of our lives, and so each retrograde will touch on those aspects.

Mercury rules the intellect – our thoughts, ideas, communication. Mercury rules the words we use, the things we write, and the ways in which we connect. This is sometimes why Mercury retrograde gets people nervous, because it can impact technology and travel, and we are so plugged in and so reliant on commuter culture.

But in short: Don’t let Mercury retrograde – or any retrograde, for that matter – stop you from living your life. Things can get muddled for many different reasons.

One thing that I do find happens during Mercury retrograde is that worries, fears, and anxieties can become heightened. Remember that Mercury rules thoughts, and so things that may really need our attention can suddenly come front and centre in our minds.

This Mercury retrograde begins in Virgo, an earth sign that can lean towards perfectionism. Virgo is meticulous and efficient. It likes things to be just so.

This retrograde period is one of re-alignment. After last week’s Aquarius Full Moon and lunar eclipse that got us thinking about what our future selves may need, Mercury retrograde in Virgo can now help to ferret out any unnecessary obligations or inefficiencies.

This is a time to clear out the cobwebs that have collected along your path.

What will make you feel more in flow? What bugs you about your work, home, routine, or relationships? Think about a step or two you can take to make things better.  

Virgo also helps us to connect to the body, so you might want to pay attention to themes that come up for you around health and wellness.

The Justice card showed up for this week’s message, underlining the potential for balance and alignment that awaits with Mercury retrograde. Although the image in the card here (from the Starchild Tarot) doesn’t feature the traditional picture of a woman holding a scale as we see in many other tarot decks, I’m reminded that scales swing up and down before they are equal.

It takes work to find the sweet spot where both sides are even. When change is taking place, there is always a sense of uncertainty, or even instability, as we take something away, or add something into our lives.

So remember that if you are choosing to re-align an aspect of your life in the coming weeks, it’s natural to experience some ups and downs as you go along.

If it helps, here’s a mantra for you to work with during this Mercury retrograde:

I am ready to align.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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