Mercury retrograde in Scorpio begins this week

The Moon is young and growing.

Last night, on Sunday, October 27, we welcomed the Scorpio New Moon at 11:39pm EST. The Moon remains in Scorpio until tomorrow, October 29, giving you time to connect with the energy of this new lunar cycle.

One thing I like to do when the Moon is new is to pay extra close attention to what’s coming up for me. I make note of any ideas I get, conversations I have and opportunities that cross my path.

Sometimes your theme or focus for the coming lunar cycle gets introduced early in a lunar cycle.

So if you can, set some time aside today to check in with yourself to see what’s inspiring you, or what’s feeling like it’s most important for you at this time.

If you need help connecting with the energy of the New Moon, or you’re new to working with lunar energies and you’re not sure what to do or how to begin, my New Moon Meditations will guide you through the process.

You need to take some time to yourself every once in a while to recharge and reconnect with your thoughts, feelings, and dreams, and these meditations are specifically designed to help you take charge of your life in new, meaningful ways. Get your meditations here.

This week feels like there’s added urgency to get clear about the direction you’re taking as Mercury retrograde begins this Thursday, October 31. This will be the last Mercury retrograde in 2019, ending on November 20.

Mercury is retrograding through the water signs in 2019, pushing you to merge your head and heart, bringing lessons around going with your gut, thinking through your feelings, and coming up with non-linear solutions.

While Mercury retrograde can cause communication mishaps, this year’s crossed wires tend to show up in our personal relationships.

In the coming weeks, you may find yourself consoling friends or family members who are feeling uncharacteristically insecure.

As is reflected in the Seven of Cups, plans that were crystal-clear may become confused.

Water can also distort things. You might say one thing, but the person next to you hears a different meaning in your words. Boundaries can blur. Patience will certainly be a virtue at this time, but so will lessons in regards to your own intuition.

If you start to see that patterns are forming around someone’s neediness, manipulation, or distortion of facts, this Mercury retrograde may bring the resolution needed within that relationship.

This retrograde will highlight themes that began to emerge around October 11.

Remember that even though these periods can bring up tension at times, they also bring second chances and the opportunity to see that there may be better directions to go in.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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