Mercury retrograde, Venus in Sagittarius, and the Gemini Full Moon

the-star-starchildHave you been feeling a shift in energy since the Sun moved into Sagittarius?

I often find this time of year to bring on a decent level of restlessness. Even though Sagittarius loves to read and learn, I find its energy pulls me away from intellectual pursuits and gets me out and about, socializing, dreaming up travel plans, and thinking of ways to create more space and freedom in my life.

If you’re not yet feeling that shift, see what rolls around for you by the end of the week when Venus moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, where she will stay until December 25.

Venus, which influences our needs, relationships and creative selves, has been in Scorpio for the past few weeks. For some, this has been an intense but highly productive, progressive time. Some important lessons and experiences can emerge with Venus in Scorpio, all to push us to be more ourselves.

Venus in Scorpio challenges shame. It challenges the idea that it should be made to feel inadequate for expressing its desires or embracing its true nature.

Within our day-to-day lives, that story can play out in many ways. Sometimes, we might struggle to accept certain parts of ourselves, or to let go of past regrets, grudges, or other narratives that perhaps have more influence on our present day than is necessary at this time.

Sometimes, we might be challenged by those around us who, for whatever reason, react to us in ways that make us feel judged, dismissed, or invalid. Or that make us feel like we are wrong just for simply being who we are.

So these past few weeks might have stirred something up for you. If you are feeling the intensity of Venus in Scorpio, know that Venus in Sagittarius offers a breather come Friday, December 1st. Here, Sagittarius roams free, always looking for new horizons to explore, always focused on a sense of freedom.

Sagittarius is a dreamer, but also a do-er.

For this week’s card, we see the Star, which follows the Tower card in the order of the tarot’s major arcana. This card is the beginning of renewal after the Tower has fallen.

The walls have come down and now, the stars can be seen once again, asking that set your sights on something higher, asking that you allow yourself to look into the universe and dare to wish for something that feels beyond your reach right now.

This Sunday, December 3, we welcome the Full Moon in Gemini. This Moon will connect back to the New Moon of May 25, so if you set any intentions around that time, this is your check-in point to see how things are progressing.

Gemini concerns itself with communication, ideas, writing, socializing, networking, community-building, and other pursuits that allow it to express its thoughts. As full moons illuminate our paths, you might have a breakthrough or moment of clarity around an idea or decision you feel stuck on.

But – and isn’t there always a but? – Mercury retrograde begins this Sunday, too. Mercury rules Gemini, so this Full Moon might bring some clarity, but with it could also come some unexpected work. You might realize in the weeks ahead that an important plan or project needs to be revised, or that you’re missing some important details that you need to move forward.

Remember, though, that Mercury retrograde periods are also about rest. So if you don’t have to push through on anything right now, try to just enjoy the weeks to come. Embrace the Sagittarian energy by making time to read, dream up some travel plans for 2018, or look into some new classes or workshops you’d like to take.

Here’s a mantra to work with in the days ahead:

My imagination leads me to new horizons.

And if you’d like to connect with this weekend’s Full Moon, this tarot spread might help:

1. What lesson emerged for me in the past six months?
2. What knowledge am I ready to share with the world?
3. What is this Full Moon making clearer for me?
4. What current plan might need more time to be processed?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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