Should you really be afraid of Mercury retrograde?

The MoonMuch has been made about the (supposedly) dreaded Mercury retrograde that rolls in a few times each year.

I recently read that one of my favorite bloggers had rescheduled the launch of a big business reveal to avoid the any potential danger of Mercury’s backward spin through the sky. I’ve also heard of an author who keeps a clause in every book contract to keep her book from being released during a Mercury retrograde.

I’ll admit it: Once upon a time, I would have agreed with them.

But all planets go retrograde. Mercury retrograde only lasts a few weeks; others can be much longer, and they all have an impact depending on where they’re at in our charts and what’s up with our other planets.

Astrology is complex, and even though it has a global influence, its individual impact in our day-to-day lives is as unique as each of us.

One of the reasons why people get so worked up about Mercury retrograde is because they get a lot of play in mainstream horoscopes. And because Mercury rules communication, they also bring a lot of noticeable hiccups: websites go down, flights get rescheduled, major misunderstandings occur.

But it’s also important to remember that these things happen all the time, regardless of what Mercury’s up to.

It’s also important to remember that retrogrades of any kind can be hugely beneficial. My Pluto retrograde, for example, has been hugely transformative for me.

And one of the anecdotes that made me look at Mercury retrograde differently was when I heard of a man who accepted a job during a retrograde. He’d been warned against it and urged to hold off on signing the contract, but that would have been at risk of losing the offer. So he went for it and you know what? That job ended up growing into so much more than he expected, bringing him one promotion after the other.

So if you’re worried about launching something, or starting something new during a retrograde, remember that retrogrades can be tremendously supportive and expansive. This one for me has brought me much-needed clarity on my current novel and some amazing, unexpected breakthroughs for my business that I couldn’t have anticipated a month ago, giving me so much confidence and excitement on both fronts.

The other reason I caution against letting Mercury retrograde hold you back is that it gets in the way of other important rhythms taking place. Think about Mercury retrograde as a time to review, realign, and reassess your current state of affairs.

Do you have old insecurities that are preventing you from showing up the way you really want to?

Do you have worries or uncertainties that are holding you back from making a change that you know would light you up?

Are you stuck in an old pattern or routine that you know is dying, but you can’t bring yourself to say goodbye to it?

Those are the kinds of things Mercury retrograde can help you with, too. So don’t let the retrograde hold you back – not now, not ever.

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Until next time,

Liz xo


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