Monday Motivation: Make a wish

Make a Wish

Make a wish


“She believed in her songwriting, which was crucial because she felt that not many other people did. But as long as she was happy…she knew she was developing a skill that would be hugely important to her. After all, she had no intention of working in an office. The idea of getting up at 8:30am to drive to a desk-bound job and a regular wage was repellent to her and she ‘knew instinctively’ that ‘as a pretty little girl’ with creative talent and obvious charisma, nine-to-five life was not going to work for her.”
Zoë Howe, writing about Stevie Nicks in Stevie Nicks: Visions, Dreams & Rumours

What do YOU believe in? What do you know instinctively about yourself and where it might lead you?