Move towards freedom: Your tarot forecast for the week of December 13, 2015

JusticeThe Justice card is the one that emerged from my tarot deck when I asked what message was most necessary to share for this week.

Justice is a card that appears when it’s time to do what you know is right, even if it feels like that notion faces opposition.

We live in a world that holds tight to its illusions. There is PR spin on almost everything we see in mainstream media, even – or especially – advertisements and campaigns from major companies and organizations of all kinds. Often, the agenda isn’t to do what’s right or wrong. It’s simply to make the most out of a situation and see what can be gotten from it, or how to escape unscathed.

So much of the information that gets out to the public on a massive scale has been scripted, rehearsed, vetted, edited, vetted again, and approved by a whole team of people and sometimes even lawyers before it reaches our eyes or ears. Even apologies.

And this trickles down to the personal level. Anything that occurs at a collective level will impact us personally, because we are all connected, even to the individuals who are perpetuating myths at big organizational levels.

The effect this can have on us is one that makes it hard to sometimes know what’s okay to say and what isn’t. We can start to believe that we’ll get “in trouble” for pointing out what’s wrong.

Has this ever happened to you? It’s common for people to be working somewhere, knowing that behind the scenes their employer is cheating customers in some ways, or cutting corners, or doing something unethical, but they’ve justified it so much that it gets confusing for the employees, and they become scared that if they say too much, their jobs will be on the line.

This happens in relationships, too, with others and with ourselves. We know something isn’t right. Maybe we’re cheating ourselves in some way, lacking compassion in how we use our bodies, or how we talk to ourselves, or what we deny ourselves.

Maybe we’re giving too much to others, or not enough. Maybe we’ve been hurting someone else, or letting them hurt us, and we know that it can’t go on but for some reason, we just haven’t found a way to say that it’s not right, that it can’t happen anymore.

Because again, even though injustices in the world do get rectified, it often comes at a high price, because those injustices shouldn’t have happened in the first place, and someone had to suffer long before anyone found a way to call attention to it.

The Justice card is a fitting theme for this week, particularly with a new moon cycle underway, which kicked off in Sagittarius on Friday, December 11. This lunar cycle will be very focused on freedom and a release from restrictions and imbalances.

It’s a time to validate your own feelings and what you know is right, or wrong, for you. It’s a time to use your voice and allow yourself to be heard, even if it makes others around you feel uncomfortable.

It’s also a time to take responsibility for your actions. Looking at how you got to a certain place will give you the liberation, the answers, you need to move on from it.

Where do you no longer want the past to repeat itself? Where are you putting too much of your energy and attention? The Justice card brings big decisions, one that feel absolute in their necessity.

Where are things feeling black and white to you now? What kind of freedom will you be able to create for yourself by finally addressing a need for change somewhere in your life?

What has been going wrong for too long and now needs to be brought into the open?

At the same time, don’t forget to acknowledge all that’s right, and celebrate it where you can. Have you been reluctant to give yourself, or someone else, credit where it’s due?

What’s working for you is often a sign of an area in your life where you can also expand. Follow what feels easy. Often, we have a tendency to go the hard way towards a goal because work feels productive. Challenge feels like progress, but ease is a sign of progress, too.

Here’s a mantra for you to use throughout the week:

“My freedom is found in living my truth.”