Moving into the light as Neptune goes retrograde: Your forecast for the week

EmpressJust as the Summer Solstice is around the corner, Neptune goes retrograde today, Monday, June 13 until November 19.

This week is going to be a time of high vibration. Collectively, it’s the start of an important cycle where each of us will be asked to attune to our inner voices. Creativity, dreams, and intuition will run high.

Neptune is water, and old ways dissolve within its depths. Depending on where Neptune is passing through your life, a career, relationship, belief, or attitude could be what dissolves. Often, though, Neptune’s dissolutions feel like welcome changes.

Neptune helps us uncover the truths that we have buried deep down inside, allowing them to run free and make space to create a life that feels closer to our dreams than ever before.

Neptune also rules poetry, spirituality, psychic realms, arts, and magic. So if you feel particularly drawn to something like tarot, crystals, writing or visual art, or new spiritual paths, follow your inspiration down whichever new roads are calling to you.

With the Summer Solstice coming up next Monday, it’s a powerful time to welcome in new beginnings and set forward intentions for changes and opportunities you would like to create for yourself, or in the world around you.

I love that the Empress showed up for this week’s forecast. This card is an omen of creative abundance. Her presence encourages us to pay close attention to the ideas we most want to bring forward.

How can your ideas shape your future? What do you most want to share? What do you want to bring into existence?

The Empress lives in a state of constant creation. She represents the fertility that runs so strongly at this time of year as we feel buoyed by the warmer weather. And with the Neptune retrograde, inspiration can be easily available if you’re willing to tune into it.

One caveat with Neptune is that it can lead towards escapism, so it’s important that you are ready to meet any changes – whether they first appear as challenges or not – with both feet firmly planted on the ground. Don’t give in to temptation to run and hide, or to overindulge in vices.

Trying to remedy a situation by ignoring it altogether isn’t going to make it go away. Neptune will continue to do its work regardless, as all planets do. So that’s another cue to take from the Empress – though she has an ethereal quality about her, she is also very earthy, and makes sure that everything she commits to has a tangible outcome. Be steady and stay strong.

One thing I do find a bit tricky about the week leading up to the Summer Solstice, though, is the manic energy that can buzz about. We talk so often about the waxing and waning phases of the Moon, but the Sun goes through the same ebbs and flows – it just takes it much longer.

This is the week when the Sun is waxing towards its most potent time, and so that growing light can affect sleep patterns and energy levels. If you’re sensitive to it, you might feel a bit on edge in the coming days. I usually find it really difficult to get into deep sleep before the Solstice.

And of course, I also always get a little bit bummed out to realize that the days are going to start getting a little bit shorter once the Solstice wraps up. I love those long summer nights!

If it helps, here’s a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

I open myself to new sources of inspiration and welcome whatever changes they may bring, trusting that my ideas act as my guides.

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Until next time,

Liz xo