Need a bit of luck? Say hello to this week’s Full Moon in Libra (and goodbye to Venus retrograde!)

Five of Cups ReversedMercury retrograde started on Sunday, April 9, and last week Saturn went retrograde on Thursday, April 6.

Talk of retrograde activity often gets people nervous. And it’s true that retrogrades can cause things to slow down. In the weeks to come, you might find that certain things just don’t gel the way you want them to.

Take note of what gets sticky for you. Until August, Saturn retrograde will show us where our work still needs to be done.

Mercury retrograde will be over much sooner, on Wednesday, May 3, and its influence can be a greater reminder of where you need to slow down and rest, recharge, and re-evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. That way, you can correct course wherever you need to.

If you’ve been having a rough go of it lately, you might be under the influence of Venus retrograde, which started in early March. Venus finally goes direct this Saturday, April 15, and not a moment too soon. This has been a tough one. It might take a few days to feel the energy shift once Venus picks up speed again, but this weekend will be a welcome turning point.

And we also have the beautiful Full Moon in Libra this Tuesday, April 11. Libra represents balance, harmony, beauty, and kindness. It’s a creative, social energy that can help you to invite some harmony and healing wherever you might need it. It’s also a time when you can let go of anything that might be causing chaos, confusion, or discomfort.

Libra encourages you to define your own sense of balance. It’s never as easy as dividing everything up equally. Life can’t really be compartmentalized, no matter how hard some of us might try.

The current Venus retrograde has been bringing up a lot of opportunity for us to feel better in so many ways. There may be some lessons that have come up for you throughout the past month that this Full Moon may further illuminate for you.

Overall, I find Libra energy to bring a bit of luck and opportunity wherever it goes. Remember that Saturn retrograde is asking us to do the work, so stay aware of any hidden opportunities that this Moon might bring. You don’t want them to slip through your fingers before you even have a chance to see what they are.

This Full Moon will also connect back to themes that were coming up for you in September, under the Libra New Moon.  That Moon brought up questions about personal impact and presence, pushing us to solidify a sense of place in the world. These questions might not be too far off from what some have been feeling with Venus retrograde, as Venus also rules Libra.

The card I pulled for this week is the Five of Cups – not the first time it’s showed up in this space. I think this card is quite fitting considering the energies we’ve been moving through recently. The Five of Cups is often connected to a sense of loss, regret, or looking back.

But it’s also a card of seeing what still remains. The Five of Cups says, “You’re still here. Things may have changed, or may be in the process of winding down, but there is still so much left.”

If it helps, here is a mantra that you can use throughout the week:

I am ready for renewal.

And if you want to use tarot to connect with this Libra Full Moon, here is a spread you can try:

1. What is coming into balance for me within the next six months?
2. What is it time for me to let go of?
3. What is it time for me to embrace?
4. What kind of opportunity can I now create for myself?

As always, if you’re interested in getting a reading with me to gain clarity about where you’re at right now, I would love to hear from you. Click here to see what a reading can do for you.

Happy Full Moon.

Until next time,

Liz xo

Card featured: Starchild Tarot

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