Neptune retrograde begins this week. It’s time hold up a mirror to the soul.

Nine of SwordsIf you thought last week was jam-packed with astrological action, it’s not quite over yet… Neptune retrograde begins this Friday, June 16.

For those of you who have been reading these forecasts for some time now, you’ll know how often I get a kick out of the cards that are pulled each week. Last Monday, we had the Nine of Crystals – a grounded, bountiful energy that perfectly aligned with the energies that were coming up through  Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and the moon.

So what’s on deck (pun intended, always) this week? The Nine of Swords, a card of fears and nightmares.

What are the things that keep you up at night? So many of us play out our worst-case scenarios to no end. Fear can feel very real, even when the event you’re ruminating on hasn’t happened – and might not ever.

This is all very Neptune. Neptune can do some beautiful things. It’s very bohemian in its energy: Artful, creative, poetic, spiritual, dreamy, mystical, magic, deep, intense. It’s water.

It likes to get way, way under the surface, to lose itself in a current, to allow for grand, sweeping waves to roll on and on.

But what happens when the depths become too much? Things dissolve. It can be hard to know which way to swim to get back to shore. Neptune’s shadow side is that it makes things very confusing. It can also pull you into illusions and fantasies.

How do you stay grounded if you are floating out in the ocean? How do you find your footing if you keep swimming into the depths?

This retrograde will bring up a lot of personal, internal work. Like the Nine of Swords, this is a time of really looking at the fears you live with, and what basis they have in your world. It can also be a time when any lies or deceptions you are maintaining need to be faced head-on.

Often, when we think of lies, we think of false stories we tell others. We think of manipulation. We think of fibs and full-out deceit.

But don’t forget that we can each be guilty of telling ourselves lies, too: We tell ourselves that things will work out when we now damn well they have already failed. We tell ourselves people will change when they have never given us reason to believe so. We tell ourselves we need things a certain way when, deep down, we know that grasping and clinging is keeping us stuck and stagnant.

Remember, too, that Pluto retrograde started this spring and will continue until September 28. Both of these planets can get right into our shadows. They can stir up a lot of emotions – especially Neptune – but if you’re willing to swim in the depths, this can be a highly rewarding, transformative time.

What fears and insecurities might you let go of in the months to come? Where do you wish you could gain more confidence?

Where do you feel a lack of clarity or control? What do you tend to avoid, or run away from? What escape route is feeling tired? What new path might you travel down instead?

Stay open to what illusions you may be harbouring. Be ready to get truly, deeply honest with yourself.

This is a time to hold a mirror up to your soul. Look at what parts of it are drowning in deepest waters and commit to helping it break through the surface.

If it helps, here is a mantra for you to work with this week, and throughout Neptune retrograde:

I accept all that I am and the honesty my path requires.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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