New ground, new bearings: Practices for Taurus season

How are you doing?

That question has taken on so much more weight this year, hasn’t it?

How are you? How are you? How are you?

It used to be that someone would ask and the answer was, usually, “fine.” Even if things weren’t actually fine. Even if there was some more to talk about, the question never really felt a question so much as a subtitle to “hello.”

And now, the question feels so much more real, so much important.

Let’s keep checking in on each other. Let’s keep asking as though we mean it – because we do, don’t we?

Yesterday morning, on Sunday, April 19, the Sun entered earthy Taurus. Where Aries energy may have exacerbated feelings of restlessness, anger, urgency, and impatience – although also supporting creativity, courage, and resilience – Taurus acts as a soothing balm to recent inner fires.

Taurus helps us to focus on getting grounded. Taurus also helps us to get focused, period.

It helps us to get our bearings. To slow down in the places we’ve been rushing. Slow down to nourish the parts of ourselves that have grown hungry.

This week also brings a new lunar cycle: The new Moon in Taurus arrives on Wednesday, April 22.

New moons are seeds – possibilities for new growth in an area of your life.

What will you plant?

What do you want to grow in your garden this year?

With so many of us under lockdown these days, and with nervousness around grocery shopping, I have seen a lot of people talking about growing their own food this year: Making little gardens on their apartment balconies, connecting with the soil of their yards in new ways.

Not that your intentions have to be a literal take on the seeds of the Moon.

Instead, to connect with this Taurus energy, you might ask yourself:

a) Where do I feel lost right now? Write it down if it helps to have it on paper. Then, once it’s named, explore this question: What steps can I take to find my bearings from here? List as many options, ideas, or actions as you can.

b) Where have I been hard on my body in the last month? What can I do to be easier within myself? What kind of nourishment, rest, or care do I need right now?

c) Where do I want to create a stronger sense of security or stability for myself now, and in the future? What might that look like a month from now, six months from now, and a year from now? What is within my power to make this security a reality?

If you want to take an extra step to get grounded, rested, and reconnected to yourself right now, my New Moon Meditations will bring some added focus to your week.

Due to popular demand, I have extended the two-for-one sale on these meditations: Buy them for yourself, and you will be able to gift a second set of meditations to a friend at no extra cost.

Stay well and please stay in touch.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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