New Moon in Cancer: Step into your truth on July 15

Many astrologers are talking about July as being a game-changing month: it brings the rare occurrence of two Full Moons, as well as a some highly charged alignments throughout, particularly the Pluto-Uranus square that we are all under right now.

On July 25, Mars, the fiery planet of Aries, will also square Uranus. Uranus is the awakener, and Pluto rules Scorpio, the realm of death and rebirth. July will bring unexpected, abrupt changes both personally and globally.

You might feel it’s time for your own personal revolution to kick in. Don’t be surprised to find yourself re-evaluating where you’re at in your life and taking drastic steps to shift your values.

I can tell you that for me, July has already brought about abrupt change. After spending nearly five years at the same job, I was laid off on July 9. Even though swift changes can feel scary and uncomfortable, this one was necessary. Even though I was working at a charity, doing something that I thought was good, that job wasn’t part of my path.

I’d known it all along but ignored my feelings and kept everything status quo. I wanted safety and security, but it compromised my ability to really be myself. Actually, ever since I’d started working in the charitable sector, which was for eight years altogether, I felt like I was living a double life. And that didn’t feel good. I didn’t feel in flow, and it didn’t feel right.

So here I am, about to undergo my own Fool’s Journey. It seems fitting that I would find myself here given July’s celestial climate.

What kind of journey do you want, or maybe need, to start? Sometimes, when we wait too long to make the changes we know are necessary, life finds a way of making them for us (which is exactly what just happened to me).

This month’s New Moon is in Cancer, and it arrives on Wednesday, July 15.

Cancer craves comfort and security, but this month’s planetary activity won’t have this New Moon feeling so safe.

That’s not meant to sound scary: Uranus’ influence bring liberation and, like I said earlier, revolution. But its presence can feel more like a tidal wave than the gentle current of change most of us would rather experience.

Learning to work with this New Moon can help, though, and it can be especially beneficial if you are ready to be proactive in setting forward some changes that you know it’s time to make in your life. Some themes to explore during this New Moon are:

– Self-sabotage: Where are you holding yourself back?
– Breaking patterns: What are the mindsets, beliefs, or routines that you are holding onto that no longer work for you? Where are you holding yourself back?
– Authenticity: What can you do to live your truth to the fullest extent?
– Confidence: How you can finally move past insecurities that are limiting the decisions you make for yourself?

If you already work with Tarot or oracle cards, here is a simple four-card spread to help you gain clarity in time for this month’s New Moon so that you can make the most out of this new lunar cycle.

1. What purpose do I need to serve at this moment?
2. What is the truth I need to be living?
3. What is one change I need to make to get closer to the life I should be living?
4. What type of energy can I count on as I overcome any obstacles?

Remember that all things have a natural life cycle, and that transformation and growth are inevitable. New beginnings are a part of life, whether we are ready for them or not. Embrace the change that is coming your way. Accept uncertainty. Trust in your ability to handle anything that comes your way.


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New Moon in Cancer