New Moon in Gemini: A Tarot spread for personal expansion and expression

If you’ve been feeling added strain from the Mercury Retrograde we’ve all been living through for the past few weeks, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief as it comes to an end on Thursday, June 11.

While it can take a few days for things to really start to feel like they are getting back to normal (whatever “normal” might mean for you), this is a great time to start thinking ahead to the Gemini New Moon coming up on Tuesday, June 16, especially if the retrograde has had you holding off on launching a new plan or project, starting a new routine, or making a big decision or purchase.

Gemini rules the mind – its keywords are “I THINK” – and as such, this New Moon gives us prime spotlight to highlight all things related to communication, self-expression, writing, marketing, promotion, and performance.

Gemini’s shadow side cautions of becoming too cerebral, too logical, too “in your own head,” however. That’s why, as we work to harness the full energy of this New Moon cycle, it’s important to stay balanced, ensuring we aren’t silencing our hearts with our heads, and staying gentle enough that we aren’t steamrolling our ideas and opinions onto others (no matter how right we might feel at the time).

Are you making a fresh start on June 16, or just want to dive deeper into how you can make the Gemini New Moon work for you? I created a simple four-card Tarot spread to help guide you through some practical and personal steps you can take along the way.

This spread has been designed to focus on Gemini’s Air elements, while keeping us in harmony with ourselves and those around us throughout the upcoming 28-day lunar cycle.

Card 1: How to express yourself during the upcoming Moon cycle
Card 2: Where to focus your energy and attention during this Moon cycle
Card 3: A step to take to maintain a balance between your heart and your head
Card 4: One final “seed’ you can plant this spring, before summer begins on Sunday, June 21

New Moon in Gemini

Here is a quick sample reading I did as an example:

First, the High Priestess on the left is showing that it’s important for me to trust my intuition as I express myself. Authenticity will be particularly important as I’m dealing with others – it’s not a time for me to let other people’s ideas or opinions sway me, or impact my judgment or decisions. I need to trust my gut and go with what I know.

During this Moon cycle, my interest in learning will be strong, and this reading encourages me to keep my head down and stay focused on developing a new skill or continuing to delve into an existing or interest. (Fittingly, I have been taking some courses this spring and was thinking of signing up for more this summer, so I’m taking this card as my green light on that!)

Even though that Eight of Pentacles is wanting me to concentrate and work hard, the Three of Cups is here to balance me out, reminding me not to forget to take time to stay connected with friends over the next month. There could also be some networking opportunities coming up, where the personal and the practical can play together.

And finally, the Magician is here as a final seed I can plant before the summer. This card is open to a lot of possibilities, but for me, I see it as taking one more step I’ve been wanting to commit to when it comes to my spiritual practices.

What’s coming out of the Gemini New Moon for you? If you try this spread, I would love to hear what you learned in your reading!