New Moon in Leo: August 14, 2015

Strength Wild UnknownThe Leo New Moon is coming up on Friday, August 14.

New Moons are always ideal for new beginnings. But even if you don’t have a new project or a fresh start on the horizon, you can still tap into Leo’s highly creative, spontaneous, loving energy.

Don’t be surprised if you feel a rush of inspiration next weekend, or if you suddenly feel insatiably restless.

The Leo New Moon encourages us to give into our impulses and live life to the fullest. Leo is all about making big, bold moves: take a risk, make a statement, dive into a passion project, or declare your love for someone else.

And if you’re feeling really empowered maybe you want to try all of the above! Leo encourages us to find our confidence. If you’ve been hiding your voice, or keeping up appearances, it’s time to step away from any illusions you might be trying to uphold and get back to your authentic self.

The current Venus and Uranus retrogrades will bolster this cause, so you might even find yourself being forced to shed some old skin before you feel ready. Trust that Leo will help you overcome any shyness, and also trust that illusions need to eventually be revealed anyway.

Think of how much lighter you will feel when you don’t need to hide behind a tired, old act anymore. Leo acts as though the world is a stage. It’s high time for self-expression and as the New Moon approaches, what are you ready to show the world?

What do you feel is your gift, your talent? What has been waiting to be brought forward from within? While Leo is bright, generous, and loving, it is also a bit of an attention seeker. (Come on, you know it’s true.) But that doesn’t have to be a negative thing at all.

During this New Moon, take the time to ask if you are doing yourself justice.

What aspects of yourself have you been neglecting? What do you need to do to help nurture your creativity in the way it deserves?

Remember that creativity doesn’t have to connect solely to an artistic talent. Creativity happens in the presence we choose to bring to every situation, because you have a role in creating an experience for others, an atmosphere, and a memory.

Creativity shows up in a kitchen when our partners look at the fridge and say, “there is nothing to eat” and you find a way to create a beautiful meal, seemingly out of nowhere.

Creativity is the clothes we choose, the impressions we make, and the time we spend with others.

So what do you want to create for yourself during this New Moon? Is it a new summer tradition? A new mindset? A new motto?

No matter what size your acts of creation may be at this time, trust that if they are planted during the Leo New Moon, they have the potential to take on the majesty of a lion.

Here, I’ve put together a reading for the New Moon in Leo that you might like to try with your own deck at home. I’m also available for New Moon readings and standard readings throughout the week.

DIY spread: New Moon in Leo

Card #1: How can I best support my creativity?
Card #2: How can I make creativity a bigger part of my life?
Card #3: How can I take a step during this New Moon to help fulfill my destiny?
Card #4: How can I love myself more?

Leo spreadDid you give this spread a try? I would love to hear about it! xo

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