New Moon, New Sun, New Season: Welcoming the Summer Solstice and the Cancer New Moon

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I always find that the days leading up to the Summer Solstice feel particularly intense – not necessarily in a negative way, but there is a certain edge in the air. My body, my limbs, my mind all seem to be buzzing with extra energy that I can’t quite reign in.

How are you feeling this week? Even though we often talk about the waxing and waning phases of the Moon, the Sun also waxes and wanes, and right now, it is almost at its fullest power. Litha, the Summer Solstice, arrives this Wednesday, June 21. We move into a new season as the Sun gives us its longest day of light.

So if you are feeling a bit different these days, you might be feeling that solar pull. Go with it.

The Summer Solstice marks a time to focus on what’s shining for you now. What is growing, either internally or externally?

Think back to June, 2016: Who were you then, and who are now? We often associate summer with vacation, leisure time, and pleasure, and that can hold true for your inner work, too. This is a time to relax into any transformations that have taken place throughout the past year. You might realize you’re no longer at a point where you need to strive towards something because it has already become part of you.

The Two of Cups appeared for this week’s forecast. Here, I think the message is two-fold for the week ahead: In terms of the energy of the Solstice, this card reminds us to stay connected to our dualities. Embrace your whole self now – your contradictions, your polarities, and your former selves. Even the ones that you might feel so connected to now. Even the ones who you not be so comfortable with.

Because everyone and everything you have been has brought you to this point. You have learned from it all. You have grown from it all. When the Summer Solstice arrives, say a small prayer for yourself. Set an intention to always love who you have been, and who you are becoming.

The Sun also enters Cancer on June 21. Cancer always leads us into summer, and its New Moon arrives soon after, on Friday, June 23.

Cancer also concerns itself with duality, particularly through the Other: Our relationships, our love for partners, friends, and family. Cancer reminds us that giving and receiving can be on in the same: They are all acts of love and compassion.

Sometimes, it can mean everything to someone if you let them help you. It can mean everything to someone if you let them in, period.

Cancer is represented by the crab. It has claws and a shell. Where might you want to lower your defenses? Where might you want to let a little more love in? Where might you want to give it back to someone else?

Here, we see the energy of that Two of Cups card coming through to remind us that despite the individuality that the Summer Solstice can highlight, this is much a time of partnerships and bonds as well.

This is a New Moon to work with if you would like to strengthen your bonds. It’s a strong Moon to work with for anyone who is looking to invite love into their lives, as well. Remember that love can show up as a partner, but it can also come in the form of friends, community, and self-acceptance.

Cancer also helps us to find security within our sense of home: This might be the place you go to sleep at night. It might be the city you live in. It might be the place you hope to move to.

Whatever themes, aspirations, or concerns you are having in regards to any of these areas, this is the New Moon to work with if you’d like to set an intention for some new beginnings around your heart and home.

Here is a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

I look to my past with compassion. I look to my present with acceptance. I look to my future with love.

And if you have tarot cards of your own, here is a tarot spread to help you connect to the New Moon in Cancer:

1. What am I learning from those around me at this time?
2. What am I teaching in return?
3. What does my love look like to others?
4. What can my love accomplish in the year ahead?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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