New Year’s Readings for 2018 — SOLD OUT

Wondering what 2018 has in store for you?


Sorry, these year-ahead readings are SOLD OUT. I only offer a limited number of these year-ahead forecasts at at time and those spots filled up fast.

To book a tarot or astrology reading with me, please visit

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported my work. It means so much to me to be able to help you embrace the year to come.

L. xo


Feather-daiga-ellabyTarot: Your year-ahead
60-minute reading, $95


In a year-ahead tarot reading, we will look at:

– Clarify where to put your time and attention in 2018;
– Become aware of the major lessons, challenges, and obstacles that may arise;
– Understand what to leave behind as we usher in the New Year;
– Identify the steps you need to take to manifest success in the year to come; and
– At the end of the session, I’ll create a personalized intention for you to use throughout the year.

I do include a recording of your session if desired. These year-ahead readings will be available until Tuesday, January 30, or until they sell out.

All tarot readings are offered in-person, or online via Skype. 

If you want to book something in-person, I see clients in the Broadview and Danforth area. For security purposes, my location is not shared until your appointment is confirmed. Thank you for understanding.


ganapathy-kumar-163082Astrology: Your personal new moon planner for 2018 (written report – email only) **SOLD OUT**
Price: $125  

Each new moon offers a new beginning in a specific area of your life. These are times to set intentions, take action, and pay attention to opportunities, ideas, and changes that are taking shape within you, and around you. 

We have 12 new moons in 2018, and each one will affect you differently. What do these lunations mean for you? 

These new moon reports will be available until Tuesday, January 16, or until they sell out. Your exact time of birth will be required.

Sorry, New Moon reports are SOLD OUT for this year. You may want to book a standard astrology reading with me as an alternative.

Need something different from what I’m offering here? My regular reading services will remain available throughout the holiday season:

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