One of the most unexpected questions I’ve been asked as a tarot reader

Tarot readers have to be ready for anything.

When you read for other people you never know what kind of questions will come up.

The most common ones tend to be about work and relationships, as well as spirituality and emotional healing.

But every once in a while there will be a question that you’ve never had to answer before.

Like the time a woman asked me about her car:

“I bought a car last year and it’s a lemon. I’ve taken it to three different mechanics and none of them can figure out what’s wrong with it. I don’t want to put more money into it, but I think I have to. My insurance company will take months to work through a claim and I really need my car now. What should I do?”

I don’t know a thing about cars. Or car insurance. Heck, I don’t even know how to drive.

But there I was, with an expectant client sitting across from me, hoping I could help.

There was no car-related tarot spread I could rely on here.

So I simply pulled three cards, laid them down, and started reading.  



I was using the Sharman-Caselli tarot at the time and was immediately drawn to the horses in the Chariot. Even though I’m not car-savvy, this made me think of a car’s horse power.

“There’s something wrong with the engine,” I said.

“Yes, that’s what the last mechanic told me – but he didn’t know how to fix it.”

I pointed to the rich, authoritative King of Pentacles.

“I know you don’t want to put more money into it,” I said, “but this card suggests there’s one more mechanic to pay into. Take it to one more person – someone who with experience who has a good reputation. They’ll be expensive, but their expertise will be worth it.”

Then I looked to the Sun, where we see someone riding off triumphantly. It’s a much less chaotic, harried scene than the Chariot might suggest.

“Once that last round of repairs is done, your car will run just fine. You’ll be glad you took care of it yourself rather than waiting for insurance to come through.”

“I had a feeling that might be the answer,” the woman said. “There is a mechanic my friend uses who I haven’t tried yet.”

She emailed me a month later to say she had followed through. While this new mechanic didn’t come cheap, her car was up and running.

Everything had worked out.

Like magic, tarot can help us answer even the most everyday questions. We don’t always need fancy tarot spreads or complex interpretations for tarot to work.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of letting yourself see what the cards are showing.

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Until next time,

Liz xo

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