Onwards and upwards, my friends. Mars goes direct this week.

Ten of CrystalsAction-oriented Mars has been retrograde since April. These past couple months, I’ve had so many people around me feeling like life has slowed down in unexpected ways.

Overall, there has been a stop-and-start quality to 2016 for many out there. As soon as it feels like things are picking up, they stall again. Plans half-materialize and then something blocks your path. Not to mention the uncertainty and self-questioning that has lingered throughout the year. Even if things are going just fine, doubt or anxiety can be a block on its own, halting momentum altogether.

If you’ve felt like something slowed down for you throughout the spring, you are likely being affected by Mars. This is a planet that likes to move forward. It rules the sign of Aries, which is a fiery, impulsive energy that needs to feel like it is constantly reaching its goals.

Confidence, will, courage, and strength are also Mars qualities. Themes relating to identity, independence, self-worth, and assertion have all been coming to the forefront during the Mars retrograde.

I know for me, I’ve been paying more attention to how I communicate with others, to how I come across, and to how I allow myself to be treated, particularly within my personal world. Sometimes, I’ve been too nice. Sometimes, I’ve played smaller than I should have. Sometimes, I’ve held my tongue when instead of upholding my boundaries.

And so while I’ve certainly been feeling the slower energy of this Mars retrograde (Barb of Comfy Chair Astrology aptly described these past couple months as “forced patience”) and have wished I could just plow through life as I would like to (because as an Aries, I’m getting hit dead-on with this retrograde), I am also aware that Mars is probably giving me just what I need when it comes to evaluating my own sense of strength and courage.

What are some of the questions you have been asking yourself lately? Where has life felt like it’s slowed down for you? Where would you like to be seeing more action, but instead are feeling blocked?

When have you said yes when you really wanted to say no? What do you wish you could take back? Where are you feeling you need to change direction altogether? A Mars retrograde can make you realize that your strengths can applied in new, more efficient ways, or that you’re not even fully standing in your power yet.

Take a close look now, because when Mars goes direct again on Wednesday, June 29, things are going to be moving onwards and upwards, but we’ll all need to work through the lessons that have been showing up for us so that we’ll be in top form as Mars picks up steam in the weeks to come.

The Ten of Crystals appeared in this week’s forecast, indicating that stability is going to soon be restored. So is a sense of completion, as the Ten of Crystals is a card that shows that things are coming together. A welcome conclusion is being reached.

A number of people who I work closely with have been waiting for some answers on big decisions, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the resolution they’re looking for comes through after June 29th.

So take that Ten of Crystals as a good omen for the start of your week. If something feels a bit off for you, things are going to start to come together soon enough. Hang in there.

If it helps, here is a mantra that you can work with throughout the week:

I accept that patience is part of the process and choose to trust in the timing of my life.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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