Opening to new possibilities: Welcoming the New Moon in Libra and Mercury in Scorpio

Eight of Wands Cosmic TarotThe New Moon in Libra arrives today at 11:47pm EST.

This New Moon gives us the opportunity for a fresh start within our personal and creative endeavours.

Libra can help to support any intentions for love, friendship, and relationships overall.

The Libra New Moon can be a time to look at what you are ready to invite into your life on an emotional level. Or a time to look at mending any relationships that have drifted, torn, or become worn down.

But with Venus, Libra’s ruler, retrograde until November 16, your intentions around this New Moon may feel a little different than other years.

Venus retrograde asks you to look at how you communicate your desires:

How do you prioritize your emotional health?

And how do the people you are relationship to prioritize your feelings, and their own?

In relationships – whether they are professional or personal ones – you can state your needs and assert your boundaries all day long. But if those boundaries remain unacknowledged, it really doesn’t make a difference what you do to maintain, protect, or grow yourself within that relationship.

Has that ever happened to you? It can be so frustrating, and defeating, to get into broken-record mode with a friend, colleague, or partner. To keep them saying to someone, “I need time for this, not that” and have nothing change.

If you feel like you are speaking a different language with someone right now, trust that the energies of this moment are supporting you in dealing with that relationship.

Of course, this is a time where we each need to pay attention to the signals we are getting from others, as well. Retrogrades have a way of highlighting patterns, so if someone is raising a familiar conversation with you, look for ways to move forward – and use this New Moon to help cut a new path for all involved.

Venus retrograde can be a strong creative time, and that may be another need that is going unmet for you right now.

Why is it so hard to take time for ourselves? Why is there an epidemic of creative projects languishing in notebooks, desktops, and vision boards? Why do so many of us have dreams to create something just for ourselves, and yet we barely manage to get around to it sometimes?

Watch out for past ideas to tug at your sleeves now. Especially with Mercury entering Scorpio tomorrow, Tuesday, October 9 at 8:40pm. Mercury shifts out of airy Libra and nosedives into Scorpio’s ocean for sunken treasure.

What will the messenger planet uncover for you? What brilliant idea is lurking under your surface, waiting to be resuscitated?  

Creativity is a relationship like any other, and this next month and counting can be an intensive period of creative recovery. We see that in this week’s card, the Eight of Wands.

Many possibilities can begin to emerge for you now, personally and creatively. Let them loose and see where things land.

While Libra is symbolized by the scales, this is a time to remind ourselves not to get lost in the idea of perfection, or ideals, but in finding a balance within our own harmonies – whatever the mix, or compromise, may be.

If it helps, here is an intention for today’s New Moon in Libra:

“I open to new ways of showing up.”

And here is a tarot spread to help you connect with the Libra New Moon:

1. What needs to be honoured in my relationships?  
2. What new beginning can I create with those I love?  
3. What can I do to be heard?
4. What or who do I need to listen to now?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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