Out of Mercury’s shadow and into the light

Son of WandsIt’s full steam ahead this week as the Son of Wands shows up to bring a dose of illumination and enthusiasm. Say hello to new ideas, clarity, and breakthroughs, especially with the power of the New Moon that entered on Saturday, and the Sun still in intellectual, logical Gemini.

Mercury finally gets out of the shadow of its retrograde tomorrow, June 7, so if you’ve been feeling unusually foggy, or if you’ve been running into a lot of weird glitches and unexpected interruptions to your schedule, know that you’re likely caught up in that lingering shadow since Mercury went direct on May 22.

But all of this energy around us, no matter how it’s affecting you, is about finding new ways to express ourselves.

What do you need to start saying?

Where have you held parts of yourself back, be it your identity, your story, or your thoughts and opinions?

Sometimes, you might have taken on the role of being the quiet one, of letting something slide, or of suppressing your truth and your ideas because you didn’t feel it was the right time to say something, or you didn’t want rock the boat.

But the Son of Wands reminds us that confidence is what helps us expand. It’s how we redefine our boundaries and push beyond anything that keeps us from where we want to be.

This is also a very creative card, full of visions and the willingness to move forward with something new and exciting, even if it’s not fully planned out yet. Look at how this card exudes light. The Son of Wands doesn’t hold back. Bold and optimistic, this is a card that encourages us to adopt an optimistic attitude and a deeper belief in our own capabilities.

How can you channel the Son of Wands this week? While this card’s shadow side leans towards impulsivity and carelessness, it doesn’t mean you have to steamroll your way through a situation or take a risk that doesn’t feel comfortable to you.

Look at the boundaries you feel are around you now, and ask yourself how they got there, and if you’re comfortable with where they’re at right now.

If something is starting to feel stifling – if you’ve lost your voice somewhere, or if you are compelled to create in a way you haven’t before – this is the week to find your inner fire and be heard.

Have you been putting off that poetry manuscript you’ve had sitting on your desk for a while now? Do you need to carve out more time and space for your goals and dreams, rather than letting someone else decide how you spend your time? Do you soften your thoughts or opinions, even if it means inconveniencing yourself?

These are the types of questions the Son of Wands might ask.

If it helps, here’s a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

I trust that the time is right for me to re-evaluate my boundaries and my life’s vision. I will allow myself to grow and expand wherever necessary.

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Until next time,

Liz xo