Personal awakenings: Welcoming the Sun in Pisces

I love the beautiful, mystical energy of this King of Wands card that came up for the week ahead.

How was Friday’s Full Moon for you? Because it came with a lunar eclipse, there was an element of surprise attached to it. Eclipses have a way of provoking change in necessary but unexpected ways.

Now, we are into the Moon’s waning period as it shrinks down towards a new cycle in a couple of weeks. We have the King of Wands card showing all of the phases of the Moon, and beneath them, a visionary figure who knows that he must understand where he came from in order to know where he is going.

What did you initiate with the New Moon in Aquarius in January? What insights have been coming up for you so far in 2017 overall? Take this week to look at the path you’ve already been walking, and what it’s leading you to now.

Thoughts become things. We move toward what we think. The King of Wands is visionary because he leads from a place of passion and creativity. He is motivated by the sense of possibility. This week, let this card be your guide, if its image speaks to you.

We are in the final stretch of Aquarius season. Aquarian energy is radical, future-oriented, and community-driven. Rebellion comes through change – out with the old, in with the new.

There are a lot of actions and beliefs we are witnessing and experiencing these days that resonate far too well with the old. How can you create change? Be like the King of Wands: Stay aware of the past in order to create a new future. Make kindness a priority. Let love be motivation.

The Sun enters Pisces this Saturday, setting us up for a month of spiritual awakenings. Pisces is always working to transcend, to connect spiritually. If you are craving deeper connection with yourself, if your spirit is in need of some tender, quiet healing, Pisces season is the time to make space for that.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. We start a new cycle again with Aries and the Spring Equinox in March. This is when final answers and greater understandings can become clearer. It’s when our hearts can rest in quiet hibernation before a busy new season arrives.

If it helps, here is a mantra for you to use throughout the week:

I know my past in order to see my future.
Until next time,
Liz xo

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