Pluto and power struggles: Your forecast for the week ahead

Knight of Swords starchildJust a heads up: My 9-week tarot course, Tarot for Beginners, starts on Wednesday, September 20! Register at before it’s too late.

The Knight of Swords has appeared here before, but when I flipped this card over, I heard a phrase: “Into the abyss.”

I looked at the image above and felt that this person is about to lay down their sword and dive into the pool below, ready to give up the fight in order to fly.

And as always, I find tarot to be so beautifully attuned to what’s happening around us. When I checked into this week’s astrology, my eye was drawn to a grand trine between the Sun, the Moon, and Pluto.

 They are all in earth signs right now: The Moon is in Taurus, the Sun is in Virgo, and Pluto is in Capricorn, where it has been since 2008 (and will remain until 2024).

Pluto is power, but it is also destruction. Right now we are seeing power struggles play out in so many ways, in so many parts of the world. Monuments to the past are toppling down, literally and figuratively.

Pluto in Capricorn challenges the status quo. It asks us to break down the rules and regulations set in place by dominant powers. It asks us to look at our own relationships to work, industry and corporate culture; to money and what it means for us; to our own ambitions and what they lead us to.

Goals and dreams that the collective once aspired to are crumbling. “Making it” may not seem so bright and shiny when it comes with the price of being plugged in 24/7, when it comes with crushing loads of debt, when it comes with such growing disconnects between each other.

And with the Moon and Sun trine Pluto, we can feel a pull to reconcile our own priorities and put them up against what the world has asked us to do so far.

The Moon in Taurus is soft and nurturing. It needs comfort, and asks you to channel your truest needs into immediate action. Earth energy is tangible – it’s where all of our thoughts and longings come to fruition. It asks to see something be made a reality.

While Taurus can be gentle, it can also be intensely strong and stubborn – when it needs to be. And this may be the time to ask yourself where you need to dig your heels in and draw your line in the sand against what you will and won’t do.

With the Sun in Virgo, we are at a time when our own sense of balance, healing, and care are being put front and centre. Virgo is deeply nurturing. It is also highly efficient, urging you to make sure you are getting what you need.

Virgo knows that if we are not being cared for at our most basic levels, nothing else will run the way it needs to.

In astrology, the Sun is our identity, or ego, and the Moon is our soul, or inner world. We see them both working together here with Pluto, as all three of these energies ask us to look at what we are ready to break down, and break away from, in order to feel…better, inside and out.

These things aren’t always easy. Life is complicated and so many of our commitments and reliances are tightly connected. But remember that Pluto’s influence is slow. It gives us time to change things, though that’s not the same as ignoring or avoiding those decisions.

When we reframe our own boundaries, when clearly say “no” to something that feels too much, when we question the way things have always been, we are taking care of ourselves.

And for too long, we’ve been taught that self-care is selfish, that if you’re not putting others first – whether that’s through a late-night phone call or last-minute work email or that friend who only comes around when they need a favour – then you’re failing at being everything to everyone.

And look at how that attitude has thrown so many of us off course. Look at whether you have any guilt or fear come up when you say the word “no,” and how much you justify the answer later. (And friend, I get this, deeply. I have been there so, so many times.)

But Pluto in Capricorn reminds us that things are toppling for a reason. And the personal is always political. You don’t have to make a major statement or stage a huge protest to do the right thing.

Sometimes, the right thing is in deciding what kind of influence the powers that be are going to continue to have over you, and what you are ready to take back.

Until next time,
Liz xo

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