Practicing radical compassion: Welcoming Friday’s Full Moon

Four of SwordsWhen I pulled a tarot card to start writing this forecast for you, I half-expected the Hanged Man to show up, though I’m not surprised that it was the Four of Swords that appeared instead.

Both have been coming up in readings again and again for the past couple of weeks, and it’s all too fitting giving the theme of the season we are about to enter.

The moon shifts out of Aries (which probably made for a busy but productive weekend for many), it moves into Taurus on Monday, just in time for the Winter Solstice.

Taurus is the antidote to the strong, sometimes frenetic energy that an Aries moon can bring. Taurus likes to slow down – a phrase that’s often associated it is the old adage, “stop and smell the roses.” The Four of Swords seconds that: It’s a card of rest, relaxation, contemplation, and meditation.

It’s also one of giving yourself permission to withdraw from any stress and chaos around you, which might not be easy this week with the holidays moving in so fast.

But this is going to be a highly charged week for intuitive work – and when I say intuitive, I mean making a connection with yourself in a more conscious, purposeful way. Intuitive work doesn’t have to be predictive.

Instead, it can mean connecting with your inner voice. Are there thoughts and feelings that you keep pushing away, or putting off? Are you feeling lost or stuck, or too busy to even let yourself think?

When we find ourselves being too reactive to what’s coming at us – saying yes to everything, or thinking that every opportunity that comes our way is worthy, or feeling like you need to keep up the same routine or else everything will fall apart – then we can lose touch with the thoughts and feelings that need our attention the most.

Often, they are the ones that can tell us which direction we really need to be going in, or what it’s time to walk away from. The rest and recuperation that the Four of Swords brings might not feel productive at the time. It can be scary to put things on hold, especially when you are under pressure, but this card says that clarity and a renewed sense of direction can be the reward for taking that rest.

Similarly, the Hanged Man that’s been popping up so much reminds us that nothing can stay the same forever, and giving yourself space to pause and regain perspective is one way to remind us of that. It’s when we allow ourselves to breathe that illumination becomes available.

This can be a week of radical compassion, which starts with your own self-care and then can be extended towards others later in the week with Friday’s Full Moon in Cancer.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and Christmas day it will probably be an emotionally charged day for many people, heightening any expectations or disappointments that the holidays can bring – perhaps more so than usual.

But Cancer is so focused on relationships that its energy can be used constructively. Where does a message need to be softened? Where is there a grudge that may need to (finally) be buried? Where can you let someone in who may be feeling left out?

On a personal level, it’s also a day that can bring major revelations, particularly around the theme of letting go, as that is what the Full Moon helps us do. And so pay close attention to what comes up for you on the 25th. What’s in there that you don’t want to experience anymore? Is there a sense of resentment, hurt, anger? What changes could be made to help shift those feelings, or say goodbye to old wounds?

The 25th can also be a day for nurturing, compassion, and sensitivity towards ourselves and others. It’s a great day for a heart-to-heart, to open yourself up to those around, or to reach out to someone who may need to hear from a friend.

Here’s a mantra for you to work with throughout the week: “When I allow myself to rest, I allow for revelation and radical compassion to enter my heart.”

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