Prepare to awaken: Welcoming the Pisces Full Moon and more

Wheel of FortuneWhen the Wheel of Fortune card turned up for this week’s forecast, I immediately thought of “Turn! Turn! Turn!” by the Byrds. I can tell already that it will be stuck in my head as I write this all out.

I don’t usually associate tarot cards with songs, but this is just how these things go sometimes. You never know what a card might prompt for you.

The Wheel of Fortune makes sense here. I looked back and saw that it turned up around this time last year, too.

Here in North America, it’s Labour Day, a holiday that many consider to be the last day of summer, even though we still have a couple weeks to go until the Fall Equinox.   

But this is often a time when it feels like we are turning a corner. I don’t know about you, but for me, there are very few times throughout the year that have such a distinct feel to them.

This first weekend in September always feels like a dividing line between summer and fall. And while I always look forward to autumn, I can’t stop myself from feeling a little sad to say goodbye to summer and the promise it holds.

And so here we are, at a turning point, with the Wheel of Fortune reminding us to make way for what’s to come next. There is always an element of surprise with this card, as you never know what you’re get when that wheel turns. Surrender is a big theme with the Wheel of Fortune.

You can channel your intentions when you make a move, but ultimately, you won’t know whether the effort will pay off. You just have to set something in motion to find out.

Embracing the unknown is a big theme with the Pisces Full Moon, which arrives this Wednesday, September 6. Here in Toronto, the Moon will reach fullness at 3:03am EST, so you’ll want to check your local time to see when it goes full for you.

I always find it hard to sleep leading up to a full moon, and expect no less with this one.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet that influences our dreams and spirituality. This Full Moon is conjunct Neptune, which means they are traveling very close to each other in the same sign. Full moons are often intense. I think this one has the potential to bring some of us to our knees.

The Full Moon also corresponds back to the Pisces New Moon and solar eclipse we had on February 26. Conversations, ideas, and intentions you set into motion back then may be coming back around now. Any changes or unresolved issues that emerged at that time may also show up again, demanding closure under the peak of the Full Moon.

If you have a significant dream this week, pay close attention. It may be the Moon speaking to you.

Spiritual awakenings and epiphanies can also run high at this time. If you are feeling called to build a bridge to your spiritual path, or to connect more to your intuition, this is the Full Moon to work with.

There is something about it that can feel like an ocean. Drop in. Submerge.

But remember that change is in the air, too. You may have a realization or vision at this time that sets something in a new direction for you later. Just keep in mind that you can’t rush anything with Pisces.

With this sign, we get into such deep waters that sometimes insights can be hard to recognize at first.

Lunar energy will affect everyone differently, but for me, I find it nearly impossible to concentrate or focus on much whenever the Moon is in Pisces, full or not. I remember when we had the New Moon and solar eclipse earlier this winter and it was so intense for me that I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.

So if I have any advice for you this week, it’s to ride the waves as best you can. Working with tarot or other spiritual tools can be good, but if you’re not feeling sure about how or where to focus your energy, don’t push it if it doesn’t feel right.

Write in your journal, hang out at an art gallery, or do something that will help you to soak up some inspiration.

Mercury has been retrograde since August 12, but goes direct on Tuesday, September 5, the day before this deep Full Moon. Mercury retrograde can also bring up a sense of confusion for some, so if you have been wading through some murky waters already, take heart: That fogginess is going to lift, and you might start to feel enough of a shift to move through this Full Moon as best you can.

If it helps, here’s a mantra to work with for the week ahead:

Staying open helps me to stay on my path.

And if you’d like to connect with the Pisces Full Moon through tarot, here is a spread to try out at home:

1. What is it time to wake up to?
2. What is my higher self asking of me at this time?
3. How must I honour my spiritual path?
4. How can I strengthen my intuition?

And just a reminder: If you are feeling called to work with tarot, or are looking for a fun class to take this fall, my Tarot for Beginners class starts September 20. Get the details here:

Let me know how this week’s Full Moon goes for you.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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