Private tarot classes + mentorship

All classes listed here are available via Skype from anywhere in the world, or in-person if you are local to Toronto.

Summer 2017: Scheduling changes — I will not be available for readings or classes between July 14-24, 2017. This may temporarily affect scheduling for class packages and mentorships. If you have any questions, please get in touch: 


Read Tarot for YourselfTarot 101: Beginners’ class ($85; 90 minutes)

This is the perfect class for beginners, or those looking to refresh a dusty skill set! In this hands-on class, students will learn how to connect intuitively to Tarot.

Whether you have just picked up your first deck, or have been working with tarot on your own already, this workshop is designed to help you take the next step in your tarot journey.

Students will learn the history of tarot, with an emphasis on myths and misconceptions that every reader needs to be aware of, how to create a personal connection to your tarot deck, and strengthen your relationship with your cards, and how to give a great tarot reading using just one card. 

Register for a private Tarot 101 class here.


the-magician-morgan-greerThe Major Arcana class series: A 4-week journey into tarot’s highest powers ($300; classes are 90 minutes each)

It’s been said that the Major Arcana hold the answers to life. Here, we discover tarot’s biggest lessons in truth, commitment, integrity, death, and rebirth, and most of all, remaining true to one’s path.

If you are ready to get to know the Major Arcana, this 4-week class if your private gateway to 22 of the most influential cards in tarot. You’ll get:

– Personal lessons for each Major Arcana card;
– Tips and techniques on building an intuitive connection with the Major Arcana;
– Engaging homework assignments and personal feedback from me along the way. 

Register for the Major Arcana class series here.


Queen of Wands 2Learn the Court Cards ($100; 2-hour class)

Oh, those tricky Court Cards! Why are they so, so tough to interpret? If you’re struggling to connect with the Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings, this class is for you.

It’s a great follow-up for anyone who’s already taken my other classes, but it’s also perfectly suitable for tarot enthusiasts who want some deeper insights into the Courts. 

You’ll learn: 

– Effective ways to read the Court Cards;
– Tips to help you get “unstuck” in your Court Card interpretations; 
– Astrological associations to the Courts;
– And more! 

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knight-of-swords-starchildPrivate Tarot Mentorship: Six weeks of personal guidance to help you master your tarot journey ($560 full payment; or two payments of $280) 

Learning tarot is so much easier when you have help. Whether you’re thinking of going pro, but want to feel more confident in your readings, or are a beginner who is looking for feedback and private lessons that will help you reach your goals with tarot, a private mentorship with me can help. We’ll meet once a week for 90 minutes at a time.

We can create a package based on the classes offered here, or I can create a completely customized course based on your needs and interests.

You’ll get access to me via email between our classes, and I’ll help to hold you accountable with encouragement and insights into your progress. Register here.

If you would like to sign up on the payment plan, you can make a 50% deposit here. 


MeTarot: Spreads and reading techniques ($100; 2-hour class)

Here, we dive deeper into building the foundation you need to start working with tarot at an intuitive level by looking at different reading techniques and tarot spreads.

You’ll learn:

– How to deepen your knowledge of the Major Arcana;
– How to use tarot to answer yes or no questions; 
– How to predict timing in tarot;
– How to make your own tarot spreads…

…and more!

We’ll have also do some practice readings together so that you’ll leave with hands-on experience and greater confidence in your tarot skills.

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46 - WaterLearn to read tarot for yourself ($85; 90 minutes)

Whether you’re new to tarot, or you’ve been working with the cards for years, reading for yourself can be a challenge. This class can change that.

You’ll learn how to:


– Read for yourself as though you were reading for a friend or client
– Connect to your intuition, and strengthen it
– Avoid common mistakes that can get in the way of giving yourself a great tarot reading
– Cut through any confusion or uncertainty when reading for yourself

Plus, you’ll have the chance to work with some practice tarot spreads to hone your skills in class.

The goal of this class is for you to leave with more confidence and clarity when it comes to reading for yourself.

Register for this class here.