Re-write the rules: Welcoming the New Moon in Sagittarius

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In preparing this week’s forecast, I looked back to see what was happening during 2015’s New Moon in Sagittarius. I wanted to compare the timing, and the energies that would come up as a result.

We have 12 New Moons a year, one for each sign. I find it so interesting that even though the signs they are in will give shape and texture to what those moons bring, the timing of each lunation can influence how we work with it, as can our own personal needs and purposes.

We are not living the same stories and scenarios out year after year.

In 2015, the New Moon in Sagittarius fell in December, and was the final new lunar cycle of the year, our last chance to reboot. At the time, I was thinking a lot about how busy December gets for so many, and how that rush of chaos might cut us off from the rest and relaxation our minds and bodies want as we move into the winter solstice. This was underscored by the oracle card I’d pulled, its message saying, “Be still and go within.”

This year’s New Moon in Sagittarius, though, is quite different. It comes to us tomorrow, Tuesday, November 29 – it’s not the note we will leave 2016 on in terms of our own intentions. Capricorn will colour the final lunar cycle this year, when it arrives in late December.

The questions around tomorrow’s New Moon are shifting from last year’s, though I do still strive to follow the change in the quieter season, even if the world around me wants to do otherwise. I encourage you to rebel against that where you – it would be the Sagittarian thing to do.

With this New Moon in a fire sign, you are encouraged to write your own rules, not only for the coming month, but for the coming New Year.

What might your manifesto dictate – not to others, but to yourself? What rules to you want to live by?

It can be scary to trust that you can play by your own rules, because we have been taught to expect that the heavy hand of authority – whether it’s in the form of a parent’s voice (no matter our age), an employer’s wrath, or even the greater collective opinion overall – will be there intoning a big fat “no” the moment we stop towing company line.

But who decides where that line is drawn, what colour it’s in, and what it represents? Does whoever enforces that line speak for you? Do they hold power over the direction you want to go in?

The King of Swords appeared for this week’s forecast, a card that I think compliments Sagittarian energy quite nicely. In tarot, the Kings are all within their seats of power – they have reached a level of authority over their own lives, and encourage us to do the same.

In the card image above, from the Starchild Tarot, I want to point out as well that the King here is shown with two shadow selves on either side. This makes me think of a holy trinity – the self, the spirit, and the shadow. His three faces are encircled, contained and operating in unison. The confidence here can come from knowing who you are, and valuing the knowledge that your experiences and intelligence lend themselves to.

So use this New Moon as a time to rewrite any rules you might not want to play by anymore. Use it as a time to redefine your horizons by first exploring what your inner knowing dictates. As you accept yourself as an authority figure – the one who calls the shots for you – it becomes easier to create and embrace change.

For Sagittarius, and for the King of Swords, there is security in knowledge. So get in touch with your philosophies, then decide how to begin living them.

If it helps, here is a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

When I play by my rules, I am honouring my true nature.

And if you have a tarot deck of your own and want to connect to the energy of this week’s New Moon in Sagittarius, here is a spread you might like to try:

1. What rule is it time for me to re-write?
2. What truth is it time for me to live by?
3. What can I do to celebrate and expand my inner wisdom?
4. What can inspire my personal manifesto to help keep me on track?

Happy New Moon!

Until next time,

Liz xo

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