Blue Moon in Aquarius: Get ready to release and rebel!

Astrologically, July has been a potent month.

Have you or those around you been experiencing major, unexpected transitions? Is a strong sense of restlessness pulling at you, finally making you come to terms with the things in your life that are you no longer serving you, or that perhaps never have?

What are you ready to let go of before this month comes to a close? What are you being forced to say goodbye to, even if you’re not sure you’re ready?

On Saturday, July 25, Venus begins a six-week retrograde in Virgo. Venus only goes retrograde once every 19 months, and when she does, she asks to reflect on our values, our relationships, and the priorities we’ve chosen.

How do define ourselves? What are keeping in our lives that is misaligned with our identities? What have we grown out of? What kind of love is missing from our lives?

Often, we associate Venus with romance, and she can certainly rule our romantic partnerships. But she also rules money and abundance, as money and work are also relationships.

Retrograding through Virgo, Venus also highlights self-love: are you giving yourself what you deserve? Are you spending your time the way you want to? Does your life look the way you’d always imagined it would, or is it a far cry from your true desires?

When we talk about retrogrades, people often start to tense up: “Retrogrades are bad, right??”

Well, no. Just as there are no “bad” Tarot cards, there are no “bad” astrological alignments, though some can be more challenging than others. The reason retrogrades sometimes feel a bit chaotic is because they tend to correct any imbalances that we are living through. It’s when illusions are uncovered, and truths finally need to be faced, whether we want to look at them or not.The Tower

Think of it as life’s way of editing your memoir, taking out the unnecessary details of the story, bringing an end to certain chapters, or veering you into a new and much-needed plot change (even if it’s feel more like a plot twist at the time!).

Some people avoid making major decisions or launching new initiatives during a retrograde (particularly Mercury, it seems), but retrogrades can also be intensely positive and productive. I remember hearing one story about someone who accepted a job offer during  a Mercury Retrograde. He was worried about the timing of it: would the offer fall through? Would the job turn out to be something different than promised?

But instead, he was endlessly surprised by the growth that came of it later on. Accepting that job offer led him to promotion after promotion, raise after raise.

“Let life happen to you. Life is in the right, always.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

To make the next few months even MORE interesting (but life is always interesting, isn’t it?), Uranus goes retrograde this weekend, too, in Aries. Uranus rules rebellion and revolution, so coupled with the Venus retrograde we might all be experiencing a new level of restlessness. Some might be inclined to up and quit their jobs, or to make a radical lifestyle change that could surprise even their closest loved ones.

Just as Venus asks us to look at how our values are aligning with our actions, Uranus asks: “What do you need to be freed from?” As it asks us examine our patterns, routines, and limiting beliefs, it continuously whispers “liberate yourself.”

Sometimes, old structures need to be torn down so that new foundations can be put in their place, and that is what Uranus helps us do. Uranus retrogrades can feel uncertain, because it can be hard to let go of our comfort zones (even those comfort zones that we aren’t really happy in), but Uranus challenges the status quo and encourages us to do the same.

Have you ever found yourself repeating the same patterns over and over again, even though you’ve said “never again” each time you’ve tried to break away? Well, those patterns won’t let us move on until we turn talk into action, and that is what this coupled Venus-Uranus retrograde can help us do.

Alex Myles writes in Elephant Journal, “Uranus in retrograde gives us a firm kick in the butt to prevent us from settling into routines that feel too easy for us. We often fail to achieve our greatest dreams because we become lazy due to what we like to call ‘calm.’ We are not here to play small. We are on this planet in this life form just for this one lifetime. We have one opportunity to create amazing things and to leave the world a little different to how we found it.”

How can you prepare for any upcoming shifts?

Well, as if a double retrograde wasn’t enough, there is a Full Moon this Friday, July 31, and it’s also a rare Blue Moon (being the second Full Moon of the month!). So if you’re feeling restless this week, or experiencing trouble sleeping, you could be tapping into the Blue Moon’s energy.

I know I always, always experience insomnia right before and during a Full Moon. So this weekend might be a great time to grab some friends and hit the dance floor, or catch a live band or something in town. Stay up late and stay open to adventure.

This Full Moon is in Aquarius, a highly creative, unconventional sign, which seems fitting when taking the themes of the Uranus and Venus retrogrades into consideration.

Full Moons are ideal times to release what we no longer want in our lives. What will you make space for in the coming months? What insecurities will you start to shed? What action can you take to channel Uranus’ rebellious nature?

Get radical with your life. Set your sights on what you really want. Declare your intentions. We can’t always move on from our fears, but we can move through them.

If you would like to do a Tarot ritual for yourself ahead of or on the upcoming Full Moon, here is a spread I’ve put together to help you get started:

Card #1: Patterns. “How are certain patterns in my life limiting me from my true potential?”
Card #2: Patterns. “What step can I take to break away from limiting patterns?”
Card #3: Structures. “What type of change do I need to welcome into my life?”
Card #4: Structures. “How will I be supported during this change?”
Card #5: Illusions. “What is no longer serving me?”
Card #6: Illusions. “What step can I take to move on from what I no longer need?”
Card #7: Personal revolution. “Who am I in the process of becoming?”
Card #8: “What can I do right now to help myself grow?”Aquarius Blue Moon July 31 2015

If you try this spread I would love to hear about your results!

And if you would like deeper support ahead of this week’s Full Moon, I am now booking Full Moon readings. These are comprehensive, one-on-one Tarot readings that can help you understand the shifts that are coming up for you during these astrological alignments and how you can make them work to fit your goals. Book a  Full Moon reading with me today!