Retrograde city: Saturn and Mercury retrograde start this week. Here’s how to prepare.

temperanceOkay, let’s do a quick check-in: How are you doing, anyway?

I have talked to so many people who have been seriously feeling the effects of Venus retrograde, which started on March 4. Venus retrograde brings up a lot of personal stuff and lays it all out for re-evaluation: Body image, relationships, sensuality, self-respect, self-worth, and creative flow.

I can tell you that I was tremendously naïve to think that this retrograde wouldn’t affect me all that much. Even in the days leading up to it, I was having some serious moments of truth around the concepts of motherhood, my creative mission, and what I need within a relationship.

It’s something I’d like to write more about in a separate piece, but I will say that despite the challenges Venus retrograde has brought up for me, it’s also given me the clarity I’ve needed to stay true to my path. It’s helped me to voice my needs and desires and re-affirmed for me the future I have always envisioned for myself.

Venus retrograde can hit you in very emotional ways. Don’t fight the feelings that come up. Even if they are uncomfortable, they are trying to get you to see where the work is. There is opportunity for healing after all of this. Venus retrograde ends on April 15, so there’s still a little ways to go with this one.

We’re still early into the spring season overall. The Sun is in Aries and this fiery energy has a way of kicking up a lot of dust. Things can really get moving in April, but it can also feel chaotic sometimes. Remember that this a time of new beginnings. Aries is a self-starter and pushes us to take initiative, move forward, and start something fresh.

And with Saturn retrograde beginning this Thursday, April 6, it’s a good time to look at what you are hesitating to commit to, especially in regards to work, money, and relationships. This can all feel tied into lessons that have been coming up already with Venus retrograde. Saturn is about buckling down and doing what you’ve gotta do. If you’ve been cutting corners, procrastinating, or ignoring a bold truth, Saturn brings a reality check.

Saturn retrograde will last until August 25, 2017, and it can create a certain level of pessimism and doubt to day-to-day life as well. As the months go on, try to maintain perspective. Things can feel much more serious than they are with Saturn retrograde.

Finally, Mercury retrograde begins this Sunday, April 9. I know, I know…we all get so nervous at the word retrograde. This one is in the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. I feel like this is the universe’s way of underscoring everything that can come up with Venus retrograde.

It will be a time to withdraw and reflect on how to be in better relationship with yourself. Once you are feeling aligned with your mind, body, and soul, then you can start to make decisions to match your needs.

Temperance is the card I pulled for this week. It’s a card of careful balance. This card sits between Death and the Devil in the tarot’s major arcana, telling us that it must move cautiously, otherwise it could easily fall into the underworld.

And what does that underworld hold? With Death, it is full of the things that are no longer valid, that no longer have a time or place in our lives.  

With the Devil, it’s the things that we cling to that have no true value for us. It’s everything that keeps us stuck, keeps us down.

Sometimes, the Temperance card says, “Hold on just a little bit longer. Things won’t always feel so hard.” It’s a reminder to keep walking the path that feels best for you, even if you’re not always sure of your footing, even if you’re not always sure you can find the strength to continue.

Remember, too, that spring is a season of change, and the Aries Sun is encouraging us to be brave and bold no matter what. New directions will emerge as the season wears on.

If it helps, here’s a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

I am ready to accept my deepest needs.

Until next time,

Liz xo

p.s. If you are looking for some extra insight and clarity into your path at this time, I’m available for private tarot and astrology readings. Click here to book an appointment.

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