Ride the waves: Your weekly forecast for January 11 to 16, 2016

Wheel of FortuneHow did the first week of 2016 go for you? I’ve been hearing a lot of people say that they are still riding the emotional rollercoaster that that Cancer Full Moon brought in on Christmas Day.

But thanks to Saturday’s New Moon in Capricorn, things have started to shift and now we can really feel like things are starting off fresh. With the Moon now waxing, there’s great potential to make a new start in a special area of your life, or to get some important work underway.

To me, this feels like a year of re-invention and expansion. For many, 2015 brought a lot of transition, and the transformations that took hold last year are going to continue to take shape throughout 2016.

Transition isn’t always easy, because it requires that we let go of parts of ourselves in the process, but if we can learn to surrender and change as we need to, then the uncertainty of what’s to come can be easier to navigate.

The Wheel of Fortune appeared for this week’s message, which I think is the perfect card to come up at this time.

If you are facing some changes that have you feeling unsure of what’s to come, the Wheel of Fortune is here as a reminder that life always has its ups and downs, and if you find yourself in a lull right now, you’ll find yourself on the rebound soon enough. Your luck will change, and good fortune is on its way.

And if you have your sights set on a new goal or initiative this year, the Wheel of Fortune says, “Go for it!” The stars will align for you.

A caveat with the Wheel of Fortune, the way I see it at least, is that it does caution against being too optimistic. Because the Wheel of Fortune is always turning, bringing us through life’s many ebbs and flows, it comes as a reminder not to blind yourself to potential pitfalls as you move ahead.

With Mercury in retrograde, it’s a great time to think things through, get a second opinion, and do you due diligence so that you’re prepared for whatever comes.

Here’s a mantra for you to work with this week to help set your intentions for what’s to come: “I am prepared to ride life’s waves, because I know that each one comes for the sake of my growth.”

Have a great week.


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