Saying goodbye to Mercury retrograde and revisiting Venus in Aries

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Welcome to a new week, and a new month. Today is Beltane, the halfway point between the spring equinox and summer solstice.

Beltane is a time of growth and abundance. If you planted seeds of intention during the spring equinox in March, make some time in the days ahead to see how those plans are coming along. You can use Beltane as a time to nurture your intentions further if need be.

The Moon is still young this week, making the days ahead a good time to set some new plans in motion as well. Many of us have felt confused or sidelined this year because of the influence of Venus retrograde that took place from March 4 to April 15.

If you’ve been struggling to get clear, or to find the right groove to set a powerful intention in place, this week might be a better time to plant some seeds that are still waiting to be anchored into your life.

Mercury retrograde can also make us feel a bit foggy, forcing us to slow down or muddle through unexpected slowdowns. But Mercury goes direct this Wednesday, May 3, which can also bring a boost mid-week.

But let’s hop back onto Venus for a second. I’ve talked about Venus a lot this year. She’s really making her presence known since she slipped into the sign of Aries back on February 3. This isn’t a comfortable sign for loving, gentle Venus to be in, but it’s an interesting one.

During its retrograde period, Venus slipped back into soft, dreamy Pisces in early April, but is now in Aries again, prolonging the work that can happen within the sign of the warrior. This is what I wrote about Venus in Aries earlier in the year:

Venus can feel challenged in the sign of Aries, as she can’t as easily express herself in Aries’ masculine energy – at least many traditional astrologers will say.

But I like to see this as a much more dynamic placement. Why can’t the masculine and feminine come together? Why can’t we embrace our soft, sensitive sides as much as we can our inner warriors?

Maybe it’s time to find new ways to marry the two within ourselves. Rather than feeling as though we have to do decide on one way to be, maybe it’s time to embrace all aspects of ourselves equally.

I love paying attention to timing. Beltane is a time of abundance as well as a time of union. Traditionally, it’s when handfastings and vows would have taken place between partners.

For us individually, however, this can be a time to channel the energy of Venus in Aries and decide what kind of union must take place within.

If you have been feeling confused this year, what is that confusion pointing towards? What kind of questions need to be faced right now in order to find the clarity you need?

If you have been feeling torn in different directions, or become aware of needs or parts of yourself that have been neglected, how can you now work to bring it all together?

Yes, you might emerge differently from how you started, but that’s okay. Spring is a season of growth, a season of new.

The Two of Cups is the card I pulled for the week ahead, and here, too, we see union: A bridge between two worlds, two chalices that hold separate energies.

What are you ready to connect with?

How are you ready to become more of who you already are?

If it helps, here is a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

I am ready to know all of my selves.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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